Mexico City CCM – January 15th, 2015

cropped-mtc-1.jpgSo the first week has been great! So much has happened though. It feels like I have been out for a month! So the first day was super long. Driving through Mexico City was pretty crazy. It was definitely a culture shock. Know one follows the driving laws, so I felt like we were going to get in a crash at every turn. We got to the CCM and they checked us in, we got our badges and went thru orientations. I met my companion that night. His name is Elder Kenard. He is from Bountiful and he plays soccer! His family was actually down in Phoenix for the ODP tournament. Shoutout to Tyson for KILLING it down there, loved hearing about it. The CCM is super, super cool. It is really nice and big. The weather is great, 70-80 degrees everyday. The Latinos all think its cold though which isn’t a good sign!

Day two was super, super long…probably the longest day of my life. It was just meetings about rules and how to be a great missionary.The rumors are true… you DO go to bed every night to dogs, gunshots and sirens. We wake up at 6:30 and there will be sirens. Our teacher is Hermano Soto, and he speaks very little English, so our first class was in full spanish. Haha it was pretty crazy, but also amazing how well I could understand him. I could pretty much understand everything he was saying (gift of interpretation of tounges maybe.) That night one of my roommates, Elder A. was pretty sick so he asked us to give him a blessing that night. He asked me to anoint him so it was a pretty cool experience. Day Three was another orientation day, so pretty long. I got one hour of gym time though so me and my companion went and tried our luck at the cage soccer arena. We did pretty well, but the best part was I rainbowed the goalie and scored, and three of the lations came of and gave me a “aye aye aye muy bien gringo!”….pretty much made my day. We started teaching an investigator the second day we got there and he didn’t speak any english so we had to give a lesson completely in Spanish on the second day. It was tough. We did pretty bad and it was very humbling. The next day was similar, nothing to crazy, just a lot of studying and learning spanish. Sunday was very interesting. It was definitely a busy day but more devotionals and sacrament. Sacrament meeting was completely in Spanish and the way they work the talks is everyone has to prepare a lesson in Spanish, and the Branch President will just read off names right then and you have to speak; pretty cool! Luckily I didn’t have to speak because my talk was pretty bad. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all the same, just more classes, soccer and Spanish. Our District is super tight and we do everything together! The food here at the comidor is absolutely horrible. It’s like Mexican food but they try to make it more American for all the white people so its kind of a mixture and is pretty bad.

I have totally felt the spirit so many times this week. I have learned so much Spanish. I know how to bear my testimony and all of my prayers are in spanish. I love this gospel and cant wait to be out in the field. Its going to be a long few weeks here but it is super cool. Sometimes I just stop and I think it’s so crazy how many people are down here in Mexico City to learn how to be better teachers in the Lords hands. It is such a testimony builder for how many young people will give up two years or eighteen months of their life to serve the Lord. I love this gospel and am getting closer to the spirit everyday. We learn that in order to be a good teacher, you must have the spirit with you. We are working on converting ourselves, so that we can bring others to the same happiness we have.

Love and miss everyone so much at home!!!! Hope everything is going well!!! 

Con amor, 

Elder Woods



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