Week #4 – Mexico City CCM – February 5th, 2015

sleep overWeek5


Hope everything is well back home!! I miss and think about you guys everyday!!

So this week was probably one of my longest weeks here at the CCM. The Spanish is a little harder and I teach about five times a day to different people. It’s good but it is also tough! Friday was probably the hardest day. Sometimes during our lessons I have gotten a bit discouraged because I feel like I can’t bring the Spirit into the lesson very powerfully yet. I have been working on it, because I know the Spirit is the best teacher, and it will be impossible to bring people to Christ without it. Saturday was better! We had TRC and we taught a man from Mexico City who had been a member of the church for 13 years. Our lesson was 45 minutes long and we almost went over our time! We taught him how we can receive revelation through prayer; it was great!! His family was him, his wife and two kids. He had a super strong testimony and it was a pleasure to teach him. Saturday all the lessons were centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ, which was an answer to a prayer because I had been praying to grow my testimony of Him. One thing that really stuck out to me was how I can keep working when I get tired or discouraged. Our teacher talked about how after all Jesus Christ did, and after all he suffered, even after he died, he didn’t stop. He went to the Spirit world and went back to work!! It’s just amazing.

Sunday was fast Sunday so we had a study block in the morning from 7-11:30. It was great! I read a ton and worked on some lessons for the week. Priesthood was fantastic as usual. During Sacrament meeting I wanted to be the first one to bear my testimony so I ran up after they opened it up for testimonies. It was pretty short and simple because it was in Spanish but I believe still good. Our devotionals that night were GREAT!! One was on specific prayers and a recipe to have your prayers answered and the other was on bringing our brothers and sisters from all over the world into the gospel.

The last few days have gone  by pretty quick. It has been super cold here every morning. Cold meaning like low 60’s….ha! During the day it gets into the 70’s. I play soccer everyday.

Monday morning was pretty unique. We came into class about 7:01, so basically on time. There have been a few times when we get there at 7:10’ish and class starts at 7:00. We came into class and the President was in the room. Once everyone in my District was in class, he proceeded to tell us the story of Abraham and his son Isaac. We talked about his faith, trust, and how he feared God enough to be willing to kill his son. When he was showing us how it might of been when Abraham was close to taking his son’s life, he pulled out a massive knife!!!!! He then talked about the Angel who stopped Abraham and asked “What if that Angel was 15 minutes late in telling Abraham to not kill his Son?” He then put the knife over his head and SLAMMED it down into the desk!!!! Then he walked out… HAHA so dramatic and powerful!

None of us have been late to class since.

Tuesday I woke up and went for a run and hit the gym with some guys at 5:30. It reminded me of all those days I would go workout with my Dad at the YMCA. It started the day off right! We committed our two investigators to be baptized this week which was pretty cool. We are now teaching them about the commandments and the laws and ordinances of the church. I am now giving lessons just with my scriptures and a pamphlet! I also started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish this week! Its pretty tough but it helps a lot with pronunciation. We had a member of the Seventy come speak that night at our devotional. I actually joined the choir with some guys in my district and we sang. HA!  The devotional was good and I really felt the spirit. Wednesday went by pretty quick because it was P-Day. Last night our whole district had a sleep over. We moved our mattresses into one room and had a ton of fun. We made sure to be in bed by 10:30 of course! We woke up today and went to the gym together and then went to breakfast!!

Another week down!! So crazy I only have a week and a half left until I leave for Tijuana. My time here has flown by.  I love being here! I have loved devoting my life to serving the Lord! I know this gospel is true with all my heart and I can’t wait to share it with the people of Tijuana!!

I love you guys!!

Elder Woods


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