Week #5 – Mexico City CCM – February 12th, 2015


I’M ALMOST DONE WITH THE CCM!!! I can’t believe I only have three days left before I leave for Tijuana. This week has been so amazing!! I don’t know if that’s from the spirit and all that I’m learning or how excited I am to get into the field!! It has been a rollercoaster though. I don’t want to leave all my good friends here at the CCM. I received my travel plans Tuesday. I leave Monday morning February 16th at 2:30 am. I don’t know where I’m flying into. They will tell us when we arrive at the airport. I will either fly direct or back thru the states. I met a guy this week from Tijuana and he gave me his address and told me to come over and get fed. Hahah!!

This week I really studied the Book of Mormon really hard. I really wanted to grow my testimony of the Book of Mormon because next week I’m going to have to start testifying of it everyday. I’m almost finished with it and the Lord really has blessed me with a greater testimony. Most importantly I feel a much greater desire to share the gospel. I can’t wait to get out into the field!!! I had a bunch of questions about the Book of Mormon this week so I  have fasted more days than I have eaten. It’s amazing the answers and revelation I have received this week.

Saturday at TRC we taught a lady who had only been a member for a few months. Guess what we taught her? Receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon! Don’t know if it was a coincidence or not but that’s exactly what I was working on so could feel the fire of my testimony about that subject.

I’ve said this before but Sundays are my favorite day of the week in the CCM. definitely the busiest though. It was our Zones turn to hold a Sacrament meeting for the people who work and live at the CCM. It was so great. Only a couple of missionaries were allowed to go and I was one of them! Sacrament meeting was good, I could actually understand the talks. It was nice to not be completely lost in the meeting.

After priesthood and another Sacrament meeting we got to hear a devotional from Elder Richard G. Scott on receiving revelation through prayer. Such an amazing talk!!! I loved everything about it. I actually ripped out the paper from my notebook and put it in my journal so I would never lose it. Some key points for missionaries were how we were called to succeed in our missions, not fail. It gave me a lot of confidence going into the field next week. He also stressed to us the importance of waiting for answers. He said you might not always recognize answers to prayers, or when they come, or how they come, but they always come. We are all her to serve and grow closer to the Lord and he knows better what we need, and when we need it. He knows when to grow our testimony, and when we need to take a step into the dark and learn and gain experience for ourselves. He had a lot more stuff that was amazing. Something that was sweet too is he ended his talk, and then we sang a hymn and a Sister missionary was getting up to give the closing prayer. He jumped up and told her to sit down. He then stood and talked for another five minutes, and it wasn’t Elder Richard G. Scott talking. You could tell he was just completely going by the spirit. It was absolutely amazing. The spirit in the room was so strong.

Monday was great! This week is a lot different from our other ones because it’s our last, but it has been awesome! The week started with an answer to a prayer. So I have been so drained lately. If I blink for too long I would just instantly fall asleep. I fell asleep at lunch the other day mid-meal. I prayed that I wouldn’t fall asleep this week, and have a little more strength. I received my answer and got help, but the thought also came to my mind how I need to take it easier during gym time. I have been playing soccer everyday with these native guys that are super good and we go soooooo hard! We stay extra after everyone leaves so that we can get a few good games in. So this week I have taken it easier, hahaha.

Tuesday was another awesome day. We taught three lessons and did really well. The Spanish lessons were a little harder this week. Tuesday night at the devotional I did choir again, and I had someone take a picture for proof, haha. It was fun. My District and I are obviously not great at singing at all! During the practice, the choir leader actually asked our District to not sing during one part. HA!! so funny. I loved being up there, even if I was just smiling!!

The devotional was super unique. It was a member of the area Seventy from Mexico City and he spoke little to no English. He had a translator with him that would just repeat everything he said. It was great because I could actually understand his talk in Spanish! His talk was on how faith is the key to everything.

Wednesday went by really fast. Nothing too exciting. We taught one of our progressive investigators about the law of Chastity and it was probably our last lesson. It was a good one to end on! Last night I went into my buddies room and we built a sweet fort and slept there, it was pretty fun.

I’m so happy for all the experiences I am having!!! I know it will bless the rest of my life and I’m so thankful for the gospel. I’m so excited to get out into the field!!!!

Checkout my before and after haircut pictures. The Sister wasn’t quit sure what to do with my fro’!!

Pre HaircutPost haircut


Elder Woods


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