Week #8 – Obedience, blessings and a little bit of soccer! March 9th, 2015

Week 3

WOW!!! The work here is so awesome!! Things here are starting to get a lot better in my Sector. We have been working hard these past few weeks to add a lot of contacts. We’ve been knocking doors and this week we started to get results!! We had a lot of appointments this week which make the days go so fast. Everyone has been a lot nicer to us as well! I think that’s totally representative about how obedient me and my companion are. When we obey every rule TO A “T” things happen!! When we aren’t exactly obedient, we don’t have as much success.

This week we had the amazing opportunity to set SIX baptismal dates with investigators!!!!! Most are during our teaching lessons. During two appointments this week the Spirit was sooo strong that we asked them to be baptized right there and they said yes!!! I can’t even describe how powerful the Spirit is in those moments. I was contacting someone on the street and I just started crying talking to this person. It is so amazing. 

The family “RS” that we were teaching last week has been avoiding us. We don’t know why but we are going to keep trying. The lady who asked us which Church is true called us Monday night and told us that she was going to move to San Diego and wanted us to stop coming by. We didn’t visit her all week as she told us she would be in California. We didn’t even think about going over to her house, but yesterday some appointments fall through and we were trying to figure out what to do. My companion got the stong impression to go knock on her door even though she told us to stop coming. So we went and knocked and she was there!! She was having a super rough time. We taught her a lesson and ended up giving her a Priesthood blessing. That was the neatest experience for me this week. Priesthood blessings are so powerful and bring so much peace. 

This week was my first Zone Conference and opportunity I had to do exchanges with another set of Elders. I went to another District with another missionary who has only been out two weeks, just like me! It was an awesome day. We taught a few lessons and contacted some solid people for his District. I guess the Zone Leaders and Mission President trust us enough to put two trainees together!

We teach a ton of lessons every day which is so awesome. At first I didn’t like teaching because it was tough and really challenging for me. Now it’s the opposite, I love teaching!! 

So here in Mexico an investigator has to attend Church five times before they are baptized. Everyone here works on Sundays so a lot of our baptism dates fall off or take forever to get done. Luckily this week three of our investigators came to church!! It was awesome sitting with them in Sacrament meeting and teaching them in Gospel Principals class. It’s such a cool experience having investigators at church!

Two of the people who came to church are kids that we are teaching. One is Damian age twelve and the other is Fernando age ten. Like every kid here in Mexico, they love soccer! We were teaching them and we were having difficulty getting them to pay attention. Explaining the blessings of Eternal Life to a twelve and ten-year old is difficult. So mid-lesson we took a break and I asked them to go get a soccer ball. I showed them a few tricks and all of a sudden my acreditación went way up! We made a deal with them that we would play soccer with them today on our P-Day if they came to Church……so we are meeting up with them later! hahah, so awesome!!

 Well the work here is progressing!!! I love it here. The blessings and happiness that have come from serving the Lord everyday are crazy. I can’t wait for the week to come!!

 Love and miss you guys!!

Elder Woods


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