Week #9 – Building The Kingdom! – March 16th, 2015

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I hope everything is going well!!! I had such an awesome week!!!

It started out kind of rough unfortunately. So I haven’t wanted to say anything, but I have been pretty sick. Last Monday I went to see the Mission Doctor and I guess I have a stomach infection. I didn’t really catch all of the details as the Doctor didn’t speak any English. I’ve been put on a special diet (basically I cant’ eat all the foods missionaries eat) and have been on some heavy biotic’s. I take 8 pills every day. I’m getting better though. Being sick was not an excuse not to work though!!! We hit it so hard this week!!!

My week flew by, like literally in the blink of an eye. We had over forty lessons this week and set ten baptism dates!!! We actually set a baptism date every day this week, all for April. Unfortunately we didn’t get anyone to church on Sunday, so all of their baptism dates fell by a week. Getting people to church five times before the baptism is challenging and such a trial of faith, but I know the Lord is helping us out. We added ten new investigators this week and I don’t’ have enough time to explain them all but they ALL have been prepared by the Lord to hear our message. It’s so awesome teaching people like that. They all love the gospel and are prepared. 

It was super tough to bring people to church this week because it was Stake Conference. I think the Lord put Stake Conference right there on purpose because two weeks ago it was so hard to get people to our own chapel, and now we realized how much easier it is for us to get people to our own chapel as it takes three different bus rides to get to the Stake Center! Hopefully this next Sunday we will have some people come to Church. We teach a ton!! I love teaching… especially the first lesson!!

So a little update on the two young men we were going to baptize this week. We needed permission from the parents first so we asked both of there Mom’s, one said yes one said no. So this week we were only going to baptize Damion but he didn’t come to church (three bus rides) so we have to push it one more week. With the Lords help we will be filling up the font next week!! 

Our ward here is really, really tough. It makes me realize how blessed our wards are in the United States. Our ward doesn’t have a Young Men’s program, or even a Young Men’s President. There are about three YM in our ward. We need to build this ward up so it can be one of the stronger wards here in TJ!!

Stake conference was awesome! The San Diego Temple President came and spoke to us, in english, which was cool! He talked a lot about baptism’s for the Dead and how important it is because they need us so badly. 

I felt the spirit the most this week on Sunday night with an inactive member. He had a lot of questions about tithing so we prepared a great lesson. The lesson went awesome, and he saw the light and said he was going to start coming back to church. At the end of the lesson I bore my testimony about how amazing of an opportunity it is to help the Lord construct his kingdom here on earth in preparation for the second coming. I felt the Spirit so strong, and it’s in those moments where I get the thoughts “this church is true.”

I love this Gospel and can’t wait to work as hard as I can for the Lord!!!!


Love Elder Woods 



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