Week #13 – Another Week In Paraiso! – March 30th 2015

Baptism 1 Baptism2

Shoes Mustache

Damian & Fernando Sweaty

This week was crazy!! So much happened, but it was probably one of my best weeks in the mission!

This week I had the amazing opportunity to baptize Damion! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my mission. My first one here, and in my life. It was a big moment for him and for me. We have gotten super tight with Damion and Fernando these past few weeks, and they are like brothers. The baptismal service was so awesome. The spirit was so strong. Me and Elder Herenadez did a special musical number. Elder Hernadez played the piano and me and two other missionaries sang. So awesome!! It made me hungry to go out and get more baptisms! It gave us a taste of how awesome it is to help people and so we took that hunger and hit the hills of TJ hard this week!

Last Monday I went with some Elders to a shoe shop here in TJ. It’s where ALL the missionaries go because this old guy is awesome. He knows all the missionaries and sells killer shoes. It took like an hour to get there but when we got there it was like missionary paradise. He runs this place out of his house and he has all these shoes in his kitchen. HA, so awesome!

We killed it this week and had 41 lessons! So much teaching, but so good for my Spanish. We were literally running to and from appointments. Every day we have to contact ten people and knock six doors so it was hard to do all of that between our appointments. It was probably one of our hardest weeks but definitely the most spiritual. The more we work, the faster and better everything is, but man, when we finish at night I crash hard!! The nights are so short too!!

So our investigators are all doing well. This Sunday we were expecting to have eleven people to church, but Sunday morning two families cancelled (for good reasons.) We ending up only having three people at church. We worked super hard this week to get people to church. All are progressing well and we should have some more baptisms soon.

It has been really, really hot here! It’s great though. We are grinding everyday!! Spanish is going well. It is getting hard to write my emails in English because me and my companion only speak Spanish to really get me fluent. We finished my first transfer yesterday and I  will only have one more with Elder Hernadez left in my training so we are practicing really hard!!

With Conference and Easter this weekend we have really been stressing the importance of Prophets and of course Jesus Christ. The church released a SWEET video of Jesus Christ for this week. It is called “Gracias el vive.” I don’t know what it is in English but probably something like,  “Thanks he lives.” It is awesome! I’m so grateful to be a representative of Jesus Christ for these two years. The opportunity to hear from the Prophet is something I’m really looking forward to as well. It will be weird not hearing the General Authorities voices, but hearing a Spanish voice over, ha! I’m excited for this weekend!


I Miss you guys a ton!

Love Elder Woods


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