Week #14 – Semana Santa – April 6th, 2015

Top of hill Carter Thumbs Up

Wow, what an awesome week topped off by a weekend of Conference!!

We had so many opportunities to serve this week! The highlight of our message was Jesus Christ and modern-day Prophets. It was an awesome week of testifying! We ended up with FOUR people who came to the church with us to watch Conference!! We should have had more but the Lord blessed us with four people that came and watched. It was awesome! The family that came with us is complicated, but they all came with us and we are teaching them right now. It was awesome going with them, but it was soooo difficult for me to understand the talks. HA!! It was a long ten hours of listening to talks in Spanish and only picking out bits and pieces but it was great and I really did get a lot from it. 

Here everyone goes and watches Conference in the chapel which is different from back home. It’s like an all day event. Morning session, fiesta in the middle with food and chatting, then the next session, then more food!!! It was like this both days and was super cool. Tons of amazing food. 

One thing that really stuck out and applied to me and my companion were all of the talks on eternal families and marriage. It was meant for us because this week we found out that half of our investigators aren’t married. Ahhhhh, man it is tough. This is challenging for us as we can’t baptize them if they aren’t married. The talks from the Saturday session will help us a ton with these families. 

Cool experience yesterday, after conference we didn’t have any Easter dinner plans so we went and worked! We were knocking doors and not having a lot of success because it was Easter sunday and everyone was with there families. But we knocked on this one door and contacted a lady whose son had died a year ago from this very week. She let us in right there, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and testified hardcore, and set a baptismal date with her!…Awesome experience and we will see what happens. 

Another crazy experience. There are a ton of dogs here. I mean like hundreds all running around all of the streets. Well, I got bit by one! It was pretty rough but I am fine. It wasnt too bad, but definitely crazy!!

I also had the opportunity this week to leave my sector and go work with my District Leader. It was an awesome opportunity and we had a lot of success that day. Another sweet experience. THE GIFT OF TONGUE’S IS REAL! I get a testimony of that like everyday. We were with a guy on the street teaching him a lesson and the Spirit just took over and I could say anything I wanted to say and understood him perfectly. Even though I didn’t know what he was saying, I still “understood” and took over the lesson. I didn’t realize it but afterwards, my companion, Elder Hernandez told me how he felt the Spirit and how I was speaking with tongues. AWESOME!

Tons of our investigators have been bailing, and it is tough because we are working so hard. I know they will all come around. We are working like dogs over here and praying the Lord will bless us with some people to bring unto him. 

Grateful for the opportunity to serve!!! I get reminded of how awesome it is being on a mission everyday! I miss all of you guys back home. Tell everyone I love them! 


Elder Woods


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