Week #15 – Challenges! – April 13th, 2015

Carter potatoes Carter Happy Birthday


I don’t have a lot of time to write today because I had to write a big email to my Mission President in Spanish and that has taken up a lot of my time today. 

This week was suuupppper, super rough. My hardest one yet. I will just paraphrase but I got really sick again. I saw the doctor and he said I had to rest for two days so we were in our house all day Thursday and Friday. I’m better now but I have been taking a ton of pills these past few days. I’m fine from the dog bite. No problems!

We have a rat in our house that is so smart, but it is sooo annoying and gross. It eats our food and is super bad. The Mission President CAME TO OUR HOUSE to see how we were doing, and we ran out of toilet paper!! It was a rough week but it will just make the other weeks ahead more meaningful!

Our investigators are doing well. A few came to church yesterday and we are still working on getting some of them married. The best news this week is that Damion’s Mom is super interested in the church now because of his example after being baptized. She is probably going to be baptised here in the next few weeks. We will see what happens!! 

We also had a super cool experience with a contact. We were really struggling so we decided to do a fast to find more people to teach. We started the fast in our house, and when we left, a guy came and talked to US! Pretty out of the ordinary. We started talking and the Spirit was super strong and he started crying when we were testifying to him and he said that he just felt that peace that comes from the Church. We have been teaching him these past few days so we will see what happens!!!

Overall it wasn’t a super successful week, with a ton of problems; me getting sick, and all sorts of stuff….it was just a weird week. I know the Lord is blessing us and trying our faith and we just have to keep working hard and pushing and I know that he will bless us. I have seen the changes this gospel can have on families and in their lives and I’m so happy to be here helping people receive those blessings and come closer to Jesus Christ. 

I am growing a ton. This week we saw some very poor people, working so hard every day, just to eat. It makes me realize how blessed we are. Having a clean floor, not cramped stuff, no flies everywhere, CARPET! I haven’t seen carpet literally since I left home. It’s either dirt or cement here. 

I hope everything is going well at home! It has been really cold here but today it is pretty hot. Los Xolos (local soccer team) are winning here in Mexico so everyone is happy about them. Can’t wait for this next week to come!!!


Elder Woods

Ps. Even people here in Mexico have potatoes from Idaho!! 🙂 And happy birthday to Dad!!!


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