Week #17 – Time Flies – April 27th, 2015

Carter MTC Comps Carter Cake


SO MUCH TO TELL YOU GUYS and so little time!!! We don’t have a ton of time today so I can’t answer you and Dad, but I read both of your letters and Dad I printed out the papers, thank you tons!

Such an amazing week again. Hahah we hit the pavement and taught like crazy. Definitely the most successful week in my mission so far. The Lord blessed us this week once again. So grateful to be here working.

We had a ton of success last week making compromises with the Lord. We decided to pray again for a family of three, completely chosen and ready to hear the gospel. Monday night we started looking, Tuesday we knocked a door and found Andres and Leslie….completely ready!! We have been teaching them and they came to church yesterday!! We will see what happens but they are awesome!!

So awesome getting answers to prayers. But as you guys know the hardest part about this working is getting people to come to church. So we prayed all week for this and that we could “see the hand of the Lord in our work” and we had the best week we have had, and my companion too in his mission. We had ELEVEN of our investigators come to church with us Sunday! I hate talking about numbers but like Alma in the scriptures, he is blessing us like crazy, and we are rejoicing!!!!! One of our investigators shared her testimony in the Gospel Principles class too, soooo powerful. We are seeing miracles here. Just have to help these people come to church five times and we will see some baptisms. Elder Hernadez and I bought a cake to celebrate.

This week the weather was super wet. Lots of rain and it was pretty cold, like 75, all week so we were in sweaters and boots trudging through the mud. It helped us a bit because a lot of people felt bad we were working in the rain so they would open their doors!

—THINGS YOU DONT TELL YOUR MOM!! Mom stop reading here….

This week was definitely the craziest week. Coincidence? Our most succesful week but also the most dangerous. Satan is trying to stop us but it’s not working. There have been tons and tons of robberies around us, and its been super, super dangerous. Our Bishop called the Mission President because he said our house isn’t safe. And he was right, two different times this week people have tried to break into our house. We have an alarm so when they tried the alarm went off, but they tried again. We think we are going to move this week but we don’t know. We live on the border of a nice area and a ssskkkkeeettttccchhhhyyyy area where we don’t preach because it’s where all the robberies happen. This line was in my mind all week “Courage, for the Lord is on our side” when we were preaching late at night. HAHAH I love it though, best times of my life. But I definitely am safe, so no worries.

Overall an awesome week. We had a meeting for the “greenies” this week because we only have two weeks left in this transfer and in my training! It was awesome seeing some American friends from the MTC, and getting some help from the President. GREAT WEEK! Can’t wait for another!



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