Week #19 – Familia! – May 11th, 2015

Carter TJ Family

Another great week!!!!

So awesome getting to talk to you guys on Mother’s Day! It was definitely super hard to say goodbye but I loved talking to you guys! hahah and you guys got a real mariachi song and talked some spanish too!

Anyway this week was awesome!!! Another great week of working and growing. This week a lot of crazy things happened with some of our families that just made me so grateful and so happy that my family is safe and well. I’m so glad we have this gospel, and we are so blessed!!! So, so grateful!

This week was sooo awesome. I don’t have a ton of time but we have this family that we are teaching right now (pic attached) that has been coming to church. The two parents are Andres and Leslie, they are the couple in the middle. The other three girls are sisters and their kids. We are teaching all of them! This past week Leslie said that she is ready to be baptized and Andres too. I am so excited for them and it is definitely a family that is going to do a lot of good things in the church. 

ELDER HERNANDEZ IS GONE!!!!!! After we cried it out with our families, we packed him up, and traded some ties and he was off. Bummer to see him go but now I’m ready to work with my new companero Elder Ruiz!! He is awesome, I can already tell we are going to do some great things. HE DOESNT SPEAK ENLGISH! hahaha I knew that was coming,. But honestly it’s not a big deal, I feel confident in my spanish right now so we are doing well. He actually trained Elder Cronin, who is the red haired Elder in my generation. I think I sent a picture of me with him a few weeks ago. Elder Ruiz is awesome!! Excited to work with him!!

This week was great and we’re looking forward to baptizing that family. We also are moving to a house in the same complex, but it has a better alarm and some other things because of the problems we have been having……I will keep you updated but we are safe and happy!!! 

Miss you guys tons!!!! LES AMO!!!!

Elder woods


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