Week #20 – Elder Ruiz – May 18th, 2015


I LOVE THE MISSION!! So happy to be here serving the Lord.

So lot’s of changes in my little part of the world this week…

I have my new companion, Elder Ruiz!! He’s been in the mission field two months more than me, speaks no english, he is a chilango( from Mexico City) and he played pretty hardcore soccer down in Mexico. Soooo of course we hit the courts hardcore this week! We woke up early a couple of days and went and played. I worked him over, but man am I out of shape! I’m getting old, like my knees hurt and I have to take breaks!! HA! No but he is awesome, he’s a hard worker and we work well together.

Elder Hernandez is in TJ and he’s a District Leader now and training again. He is a stud! We got to talk this morning which isn’t normally allowed but he needed to tell me where to find some stuff he left at our house so we had a good chat! He is doing well and has his first Mexican companion in his mission. Speaking of our house, we moved this week, in the same area but a different house that is more protected. Things are still the same here, there was a shooting this week close to our house that was pretty intense. No worries though, I’m staying safe and being obedient 🙂

Tough part of our week was yesterday. We only had one person in church. It was pretty rough. We had EIGHTEEN committed to come on Saturday, and all bailed. So that means baptism dates are pushed back. But Andres and Leslies and all of their family didn’t fall, we are still planning to baptize them the 28th along with four other people. BUUUTTTTTTT…… we found out this past Wednesday they aren’t married. So this week we have been working with them and the ward to get them married. Elder Ruiz has never married anyone, and I haven’t either. The laws here in Mexico are crazy to get married. You have to take classes, get blood tests and all sorts of crazy stuff. We’re working on it though. So fingers crossed we can get them married here soon so that they can be baptized. Leslie told me she had a dream of her in the baptism font and I was baptizing her! She said is was another answer to a prayer. Pretty crazy, especially as I was the one doing the ordinance!

Others that are progressing are Manuel and Annaluisa, an older couple that we have been teaching. I don’t think I have said much about them, but they are awesome!! The lessons go slowly, and we are learning patience in teaching! We will probably baptize them here pretty soon as well.

I ate some crazy stuff this week. The main one you guys will laugh about was yesterday. So TJ is on the coast, so there are a ton of fish places here. The fish tacos are amazing! Yesterday we were with a member and we had crab, and shrimp tacos, but not just regular shrimp. They are called “shrimp of the devil!” I bet you can guess how my stomach was after that…… I’ve been dying all day today. I can’t even describe how hot they were. My companion, who is full blow Mexican, wouldn’t eat them. But I wasnt backing down, I haven’t listened to people talk about the crazy things they ate on their missions to get here and not try it!!!! hahahah so awesome! I cried I think more yesterday then I did when I called you guys this past week. HAHA!

We also caught the other rat finally, took us forever! It rained pretty crazy this week too, like flash flood kind of rain. It was pretty fun for us but we couldn’t work and were absolutely soaked.

All in all a great week. Spanish isn’t hard at all anymore. We’re doing awesome. I love being out here and am so grateful for this work. I have seen so many families change from this gospel, and we are so blessed in Idaho. Coming out here one of the main things I  have learned is just to be grateful. I know this church is true!

TE AMO!!!!!!!!

Elder Woods


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