Week #23 – Las Playas – June 8th, 2015

Carter Alejandro Carter font Carter Beach 4Carter Beach 3Carter Beach Carter Beach 2

Buenas tardes familia!! Como estan?! Espero que tuvieron un muy bien semana y estan disfrutando su verano!

This week was so awesome! So many great experiences, it’s impossible to fit them all into an email. If I could have one wish, well first it would be to baptize all of Tijuana! But my second wish would be to have a GoPro to show you guys all the awesome lessons, all the views, and the experiences I’m having! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It is soooo hard but man it’s the best thing ever! 

So this week I got the opportunity to baptize again! So awesome. My testimony has grown so much in these past two weeks and it continues to grow everyday. We baptized Alejandro! He is a stud! He is 26 years old and a chef here in TJ. Pretty sweet. I wanted to baptize him in his white chef uniform and hat but that isn’t allowed I guess! Such an amazing experience. He is progressing so well and is receiving the priesthood next sunday! So amazing to see lives being changed. I know the blessings of the priesthood from living with a worthy father and am so blessed to be able to help Alejandro take that step to be a worthy priesthood holder and example for his future family. 

That was definitely the highlight of last week. This week we are pushing super hard to baptize some more people but we will see. We’re working on getting Andres and Leslie married before this transfer is over because who knows if me or Elder Ruiz will still be here! They are soooo ready though. They were chosen for us to teach them and will be such awesome members in the future. 

So today I’m writing a little late because we went to the mission office to deliver the baptism papers of Alejandro and when we were in the offices we had the crazy idea of asking our President if we could go to the other side of TJ and see the beaches, visit some converts of Elder Ruiz and go to a huuuggggeeee street market on the boardwalk of the beach! HA!! SOOO AWESOME! It ended the week so good. The beach was amazing. I didn’t know we were so close. Super different than the California beaches though. Here there are cars driving on the beach, people living on the beach, and it’s not as clean, but man it was awesome! I took tons of pictures and hopefully they all send! We had a great time! Great start to the week to come!!

I had an awesome week of studying too! I really put into focus studying about Jesus Christ. Throughout my studies, and in my life,  I feel I was really focused on getting a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and I did, my testimony of those two things is the strongest part of my testimony. But I had never read the bible and the bible teachings of the Savior. I really have been trying to grow my love for the Savior and by doing that I know everything else will fall into order. I have seen changes since I really tried to love the Savior more. I’ve seen a difference in the way I treat people. The way I care for the people now more than anything! People tell us when we’ re teaching they can see the love in our eyes we have for them! I have seen the more I turn to the Savior, the better I become as a missionary, and as a disciple of Jesus Christ! 

Love and miss you guys so much! Have an awesome week!!

LES AMO!!!! 

Elder Woods


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