Week #24 – Patience – June 15th, 2015

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Hey family! I miss you guys tons! I hope you’re enjoying the summer! It’s been getting pretty hot here in TJ. Transfers are this week and I’m crossing my fingers I don’t get moved to Mexicali. It’s insanely hot over there. We will see!

This week was really slow! Not one of the best weeks for sure, but definitely a lot of testimony building experiences and things that are helping me become a better missionary! Not much to report. We didn’t get to baptise this week because the young man we were going to baptize needs permission from his parents and they aren’t too stoked about the church. We will see what happens. Andres and Leslie still need to get married and have plans to do it…. the first week of the next transfer…….. HA! So who knows if I will be able to baptise them, but that’s ok as I know I did my job!

This week we really focused of being the most obedient we could be. We have a ton of investigators right now and were kind of getting prideful. We are baptizing, getting fifteen investigators to church, tons of lessons…..so our amount of new investigators we were adding went down a ton. This week was kind a slap in the face, and we regrouped and worked really hard Thursday to Sunday. We’re back on track and working hard. 

I love serving the lord!!! This past week I studied really hard the life of Jesus Christ and one of the chapters in Preach My Gospel is around the attributes of Christ! I really focused this week on patience, and how vital it is to be patient, not only with the finding and teaching for us as missionaries, but how to help investigators be patient in receiving an answer from the lord. I was definitely blessed with a lot of opportunities to practice that attribute this week! HA! But I know it’s something I needed to work on. One thing it says in PMG is that patience is the ability to accept the things of the lord, and accept his timing! I’m kind of bummed I might not get to baptize Andres and Leslie because they some of my favorite people. They are people I’m going to come back and visit and I have grown so close and I want to be the one to help them take the step of baptism but I know the lord has different timing for that. PMG says that if we have this faith in the lord, and the patience, we can have the hope of the promised blessings of the lord. I loved that! It has helped me a ton!

I love being out here and love serving!! Every day is an adventure and I can’t wait for this week to come! Who knows where I could be the next week! 

Have an awesome week!!! Love you guys!

Les quiero!!!

Elder Woods


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