Week #25 – Miramar – June 22nd, 2015

Carter Companion MiramarCarter Sketch Child Carter Andre and LesliePG Carter Manual and Annalisa

Hey love you guys so much but don’t have a ton of time!!! So I got transferred today! I’m in a ward that’s called MIRAMAR, in northwest Tijuana! It’s the most hilly part of TJ. I’m stoked to get some strong legs and a good workout! It’s also literally right on the border, which should be interesting as well.

I don’t know too much yet about my companion as we just met a few hours ago but he is awesome! I can tell we are going to have a ton of success. I honestly don’t know his name yet because he is from Mexico City and doesn’t speak english and his name is crazy long. 

We had a super awesome last week in Las Huertas. We had tons of success. Ten investigators came to church, and Andres and Leslie are getting baptized this week!!! They are getting married Thursday morning and baptized Thursday night!! I’m going ask the President to see if I can go…..but who knows!

Converts are good! Loving the work! Stoked to get a new area and start hitting the pavement here in Miramar! 

The four pictures above are 1) A picture of me and my new companion 2) A gift and drawing of me and Elder Ruiz 3) Andres & Leslie and their family and 4) Manual and Annulisa!

I love and miss you guys!!

Elder Woods


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