Week #26 – The hills of Miramar – June 30th, 2015

Carter Andres Leslie Baptism

Familia!!! Les extrano mucho y espero estan disfrutando su verano. Wow this week was long and a ton different than Las Huertas. 

I didn’t send a ton of information last week but as you know I got transfered to a place called MIRAMAR! I’m stoked to be here because its one of the most well know wards in the mission mainly for one thing. THE HILLS!!! It’s pretty crazy! I lost at least 10 pounds this week!! Super tough week because I wasn’t in condition for these hills. It was a long week! 

The ward and sector is so awesome! A lot bigger than Las Huertas. We have about 130 active members in the ward in comparison to about 30 in Las Huertas. There has been some trouble here with past missionaries so the members aren’t really stoked to work with us. Me and my companion want to change that right away. They also haven’t had a lot of success and so we both arrived with no investigators. So Monday night we hit the dirt roads and tire filled mountains and worked our butts off!! We found 8 people this week and had a ton of success for our first week, but we will see what happens. Elder Navarette is my new companion! He has been out for 16 months in the mission and is super cool. He is another Chilango from Mexico City. We work well together and are having a ton of fun!!


So we were working and my companion got a call and said it was for me. It was my Zone Leaders back in Las Huertas. I thought I forgot something in the house or something like that, but they told me that Andres and Leslie wanted me back to baptise them and that I needed to be in Las Huertas Thursday night at 6:30. SO AWESOME! So Thursday I got to baptize Leslie, my companion baptized Anna, and his new companion baptized Andres! It was so awesome and so, so , so grateful I was able to go. Annaluisa, (the lady who we baptised a few weeks ago) brought two of her friends to the baptism and they are teaching them right now! She is so awesome and doing great! 

Other little things. We almost got robbed. We went to the beach again because we’re super close, met some Americans, and ate some Costco muffins which could have been the highlight of the week!! This week I received so many answers to prayers. It was like every second I got an answer and we really had the spirit behind us this week.

Thanks for all the prayers and support!!! Miss you guys so so much!! 


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