Week #28 – Hills, hills and more hills! – July 13th, 2015

Carter - hole socks Carter - Water Jug View of Miramar

Hola! Muy buenos tardes a todos!

I miss you guys so much! This week was pretty tough! The hills here really got to me. I have been sooooo tired. We walk 5 or 6 miles everyday in between appointments and after a month here I’ve been dying; hahah but it’s been great!

We didn’t get to baptize little Angelito this week. There was a stake primary activity this past Saturday so we couldn’t baptize him. We are going to baptize him this Wednesday or Saturday. We’re going by tonight to check it out and make sure everything is set. He’s a stud. He reminds me of Brady! He always wants to learn and is always stoked to go to church and to play soccer!

We found a few more people to teach this week. Since I got here I have been really pushing hard to find more people. We have been contacting a ton of people and we’re having success, but man we are killing ourselves. We literally run from appointment to appointment. LOVE THE WORK!

This week was great though and the new area is good. We did interchanges this week and I was with another American Elder and the people did not like that but in the end we ended up having a lot of success. I pretty much know my whole sector now and can lead and know where we’re going. My Spanish is fantastic. I don’t have any problems and am just learning now to expand my vocabulary

There are so many miracles here everyday, I wish I could tell them all, or even remember all of them. This week one of the coolest things that happened was we met this Mom and her son and they are from Honduras. They came up here to TJ to find work, but have been struggling. We stopped by one night and the Mom was really sick and she asked if we could say a prayer with her. Realize this was our first lesson with them so they don’t know anything about the church, but they asked if we could say a prayer for them. And so there we were outside their humble shack of a house in the middle of TJ. Police sirens, gunshots, and just ugly noises were all around us, but as soon as we started the prayer, literally everything went silent. I’m not even joking, and it was an amazing peace that I felt. I’m getting a little teary just talking about it but it was an amazing experience. After we ended everyone looked up and we all just stood there for a second and looked everyone in the eyes like “Was that real?” kind of look. And then the noises came back. I know the church is true and am happy to be serving!!!


Elder Woods


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