Week #31 – Transfer – August 3rd, 2015

Carter - Angel Carter Miramar Member 2 Carter Temple Miramar Carter Miramar Members

Buenos Tardes!!

Another great week in the service of the lord! Sadly it was the last week in Miramar!! Saturday night the mission made a lot of changes in the mission and told me to pack my bags and head for my new ward! I’m back to the stake LA MESA!!! I’m in the same Stake as Las Huertas again, but this time I’m in a ward called Aguacaliente with Elder Guzman! hahah another Mexicano that doesn’t speak English. I don’t know too much about him but he is the district Leader here and super ambitious. The first thing he told me when we got back to the house was… “Elder Woods, we are going to break records here and save souls.” HA but in a super sweet Spanish accent because he’s from the south part of Mexico and he did it with a ton of spirit. Super excited and we start working tonight!

Last week in Miramar wasn’t too crazy. I didn’t realize how much I loved the ward until they told me I had to leave. Yesterday was rough, tons of goodbyes, especially with Angel and some other investigators but all is well here. We worked hard this last week and set Miramar up to have a ton of success this next transfer. 

Something cool happened this morning. After the Mission President tells us all the transfers he always likes to talk to us for a few minutes. These talks are when you grab the bottom of your seat and get ready to go on a spiritual rollercoaster!! It’s just five minutes of pure doctrine getting you amped up to go baptize the world!! What he did was he got really quiet and he asked for a representatives for all of the countries we have in the mission. About eight people went up in front of everyone representing Columbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Bolivia, United Stats, Paraguay, Uruguay and a few others. After that he waited for a few minutes and everyone was very quiet and he started to cry. He told us the work is going forth and bore a POWERFUL testimony of how the church is true. He told us he was looking at all of the languages that the Book of Mormon has been translated in and he said he was looking at that and he didn’t even recognize like fifty of the languages let alone prounance them all. Then he brought up a missionary fresh out of the MTC from Mexico and asked him what the missionary had heard before his mission about TJ. He said throughout Mexico our mission is known for the mission that is baptizing the most and we are known for baptizing many people!! He then just got us super pumped up and I was like shaking from feeling the spirit so much! It was so awesome. 

I love this work and love the gospel. I have fasted and prayed a lot to know if what I’m doing is right and I know for myself that this is the lords church. 

I love and miss you guys!

Elder Woods


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