Week #32 – Alma y Amulek – August 10th, 2015

Carter Fire

HELLO Family!!!

Hey you guys!!! I hope you all had an awesome week in! Missing you guys like crazy!

After this week I’m positive I’m in the best mission in the entire world!!! Tijuana Mexico is the best!!!Like I said last week I just got changed to the Stake “La Mesa” again and It’s crazy because my companion Elder Ruiz is still in Huertas and Elder Navarrett is in my district!!! WHAT!! Elder Hernadez, my companion, just got moved up as a Zone Leader in Ensenada!!

My new companion, Elder Guzman is the best!!! He is from Chiapas Mexico which is on the border with Guatemala and is super cool.  We went and got pizza that first Monday and we were just talking and getting to know each other and we could both tell that we were going to do some damage this transfer!! He is so awesome! He is the District Leader here and we had such an awesome week. We found 13 people this week to teach!! So sweet, and all of them are awesome. There’s a reward in the mission that if a companionship baptizes ten in a month that they get to go to the San Diego Temple or the Temple in Hermosillo Mexico. We set the goal and we’re going to work like crazy and soon, we will be sending pictures to you from outside the Temple!

This week was just work, work, work! It feels like just a blur. I don’t really know the area too well yet. There were four missioneros here but they closed a sector so now there are only the two of us and so the area is huge!! My last area, Miramar prepared me well! Another week in the field of the Lord.

My testimony grows stronger daily and I don’t know how I can be so happy, but so tired at the same time. I feel like I’m starting to make that curve of missing and wanting to be home, to now never wanting to leave the mission. (sorry)

My new area is pretty much the same as TJ usually is; more in-land, not close to the beach, tons of hills, its been pretty hot like normal, dirt roads, shacks, humble families but prepared souls that are ready to be saved by the gospel of Jesus Christ!!

Miss you guys so much! Have an awesome week!!! 






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