Week #33 – Hot Water! – August 17th, 2015

Carter Agua Caliente


I saw SO many answers this week, easily one of the best weeks of my entire mission.

Elder Guzman and I have been killing it!! We are hitting it so hard here. I always say I have never been more tired, but literally this week I was dying. We worked so hard. It was so hot this week too. I think I’ve sunburned my nose like a million times.

I don’t know if I mentioned anything about this but last week we had an awesome week too, but at the end of the week, we only had two people come to church out of the many people we had found. So we were super bummed afterward. But that night Elder Guzman and I made a promise with each other and the lord that we were going to work and literally do everything that was possible to bring more people to church. EVERYTHING! So we started preaching like nuts! Like literally crazy. Like the town we are in has been talking. I think everyone knows here that there are two Mormons, and they are looking to share a message with you. We found another 11 people this week and invited them to be baptized!! We broke 40 lessons this week too.

So Wednesday was also one of the toughest days in my mission…

As many miracles as we saw, we also saw some pretty bad stuff. Wednesday in particular we got chased out of a few places, yelled out who knows how many times, and we also gave two blessings and healed two baby’s….which I can’t even begin to describe the testimony in that. But the people started seeing all of these crazy things we were doing, and started telling us our power was of the devil! And some crazy stuff happened that day. The point is the adversary knows that we are having success. As we have seen the light in Christ we have also seen the darkness of the adversary. All of it happened Wednesday, but the great thing about the gospel is one prayer of faith can change your whole day. After Wednesday we put our shoulder to the wheel again. Friday there was a stake primary activity and there was a part for missionary work so we brought a bunch of kids with us to do a service project and teach a lesson! So amazing, the people here are great!!

Sunday!! Gameday!! Our work paid off and we brought 10 people to church!! It was a miracle and such a blessing. I know the lord is on our side! We should be baptizing two investigators this week!

I know the gospel blesses families. So grateful for the family and friends I have and how great the gospel of Jesus Christ is.

I love and miss you guys tons!!

Les amo!

Elder Woods


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