Week #39 – Loving Rosarito! – September 28th, 2015



Wow what an awesome week! What an awesome area! What an awesome time to be on a mission. 

Rosarito is so great, I’m loving it. definitely a different vibe than Tijuana. It’s a beach town, super cool and the people are humble, even though we’re on the beach. All dirt roads and farms. People ride horses everywhere and live in wood houses. Not a lot of running water in some parts. This is definitely more Mexico than TJ. 

We’re opening up the sector and have been walking a ton!! The members are helping us a lot and we are having a ton of success. Preparations for the Temple are in full swing. We are giving invitations out left and right and helping people understand the purpose of eternal familias. Such a cool experience to be here. 

Not much news with investigators. We are in the finding phase and the Lord is definitely on our side and guiding our steps. One experience I had this week was I was talking to my companion and we were a little discouraged. We had been knocking doors in the hot mexican sun, dirty, thirsty, soooo tired, but we were humble and ready to work. We were talking about what we should do next and a guy walked by. I wasn’t going to talk to him because I was in the middle of a conversation but then I just felt my body get pulled away, and automatically I started talking to him. Turns out he really needed some help. We taught him a lesson a few days later and he went to church yesterday. He is now preparing to be baptised in a few weeks. SO AWESOME! It was such a powerful experience, and I know the Lord is helping us out here. 

My companion Elder Morgan is super cool and we’re having a lot of fun. This place is crazy! They rent camels here on the beach that you can ride. WHAT? There’s also a lot of Americans which is weird. It’s weird seeing white people, I’m not used to it. We get a lot of trash talked to us for being two Americans but we are enjoying our time here.

Well I miss you guys tons! I hope you have an awesome week and remember how special it is to be a member of the church. I love the church and the gospel so much and am so stoked to hear from the prophets this Sunday. PREPARE AS BEST YOU CAN!!

Les amo!!

Elder Woods


Week #38 – Getting things going – September 14th, 2015



This week was so great!!! Rosarito is soooo cool! Not much action though…

Like I said this past week I got transferred, AGAIN! Ha third sector in three transfers. Lots of changes but loving it! I’m out of TJ and in a beach town that’s a little farther down the coast. Its super cool. We have a chunk of the beach in our sector and can see it every day. 

We are opening the sector, so lots of work to do. We both came in the past week with no knowledge of anything that was going on and have been grinding. We were outside the majority of the week and so I’m super sunburnt! Ha, but the weather has been really good. So grateful to be here. The house is decent, my companion is awesome, and the area is even better. I really want to stay here for a while.

We are actually going to baptize somebody this week, he was an investigator from the other Elders and he’s really great. 

Not too much happened, just a ton of work! I died in my bed every single night. I took a ton of pics! I’ll send next week. Sorry last week the computer wasn’t working at all. Miss you guys a ton! More info next week when more stuff happens. 


Elder Woods

Week #37 – Rosarito!! – September 14th, 2015



How are you guys?! This week was super awesome. Tons of things happening!!!

We baptized four people and there were transfers today. I got transfered again!!!!! I’m in a ward really close to the beach called CONSTITUTION, in a city called Rosarito. It’s super sweet and I’m super stoked to be here. I have an American companion and his name is Elder Morgan.  He only has one transfer left in the mission and he’s been a Zone Leader for the past fifteen months. He’s now the District Leader and with me for his last transfer. I’m excited that I will be able to learn lot’s from him. We’re also opening up this sector which is going to be tough but it will be awesome! 

We had to move today so I don’t have a lot of time. But most importantly, the baptisms!!!!! We baptized C** and L** and two kids G** and M**! They are so, so, so, aweosme. C** cried yesterday when I left and L** gave me a tie. The baptism servcice was so awesome. We invited our Mission President to the baptisms and he came which was so sweet.  He actually gave a talk too which was so great. Right afterward we confirmed them and the Bishop gave them tickets to yesterdays temple dedication of the Mexico City Temple. 

OH!!! The temple dedication!!!! Holy moly, so awesome. President Eyring and Elder Holland came and talked along with the Area Presdiecny. There were 3three sessions in the Stake Center and our new converts went!!! I also saw L** who I baptised a few weeks ago there too!!! A weekend jam packed with the spirit. I cried I think more this weekend than i have in my entire life. SO GREAT!! So many spiritual experiences every day. I can’t even count them all. Like five minutes ago we went to buy food but got locked out of the house because we didn’t have the keys yet. We didn’t have much time and it was late and I wanted to start working, so I said a quick prayer so we could get in. HA right then I found another way into the house. I know The Lord answers prayers instantly if we ask with faith. 

I’m doing so great. Its been really hot but suposedly ‘El Nino” rainstorm is going to start soon so we have been preparing for weeks of rain. Hope everything’s well at home! Miss you guys tons.

Have an awesome week!!!! 


Week #36 – The Lord is blessing TJ – September 7th, 2015


Mi familia!!! 

I’m not going to lie, this week was pretty tough. I missed home a ton!! This week we visited a ton of super cool families. Ahh miss you guys tons! So thankful that we have eternity after I get home!

This week nothing too crazy happened. Of course it was AMAZING!!, but nothing too crazy to report. We just firmed up some baptisms for this week! We should be baptizing quite a few investigators so I’m super stoked!! 

There are so many cool families that we are visiting. I want to tell you guys about two people who are amazing!!!! Their names are Cec** and L**. They are the best! They are the couple I mentioned last week. Honelsy I love them so much. They’re going to get baptised this week. We have been visiting them like crazy, teaching them everything and they love it all! Ceclia use to live in Portland (shout out to Mom) and is so cool, we met them two weeks ago and literally they want us to come over every day. They wanted to go to the beach but then they learn that we can’t so they try to think of something else. HA they are the best. 

Lot’s happening here in preparation for the temple!! MAN I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! Can’t even describe it. They started to work on the Temple celebration and all of that. It brings back memories when we got to dance for the Temple in Boise. SO COOL!!! The Lord is blessing TJ right now. And I know we are going to baptise A TON after it opens. 

Speaking of temples there is a rededication of the temple in Mexico City, so this Sunday we get to go watch it. All of our investigators are all super stoked so they all want to get baptised this week. We have a conference Saturday, then they have their interview with the Bishop and go the next day!!! We talked with the Bishop and we’re going to do it with a bunch of people! So sweet!!! 

Definitely a great week. Elder Guzman is awesome. He wants to come to Idaho and check it out because off all the awesome pictures you guys send me. Ha love you guys!


Les amo muchismo!!

Elder Woods


Week #35 – No Time!! – August 31st, 2015

Carter Teaching


I don’t have a ton of time today because this morning we had a Zone activity and we have an appointment in 15 minutes so my fingers are flying on the keys right now! Which stinks because this week was so great!!!

First, we had a baptism! Her name is Miriam, she has had a year listening to the missionaroes but fasting and praying can change anything! She got baptized Friday, it was great!! 

Elder Piper, the First Cousoler of the Area Presidency came and spoke to us which was awesome! He gave some solid instruction. The best part was after his sweeeetttttt talk, he told us that it was time for him to do his duty. So we were like, well what is that? And then he said, well “As a Seventy, it’s my job to be a witness of Jesus Christ,” and bore a powerful testimony of the Savior. Its’ spiritual moments like that when you can feel the Holy Ghost that make the mission soooo worth it. 

We’ve been fighting hard for more baptisms and the Lord is blessing us. We found two new investigators this past week. We have taught them every day this week, they went to the baptized, and they went to Church this weekend. We’re planning on baptizing them in a few weeks but they are soooo awesome. We are going to have a family home evening with them tonight!

Gotta run! But know I love you guys!! Climbing these crazy hills in the sun has changed me so much! Crazy going on 8 months!! Flying by and I’m loving every minute!!


Elder Woods