Week #35 – No Time!! – August 31st, 2015

Carter Teaching


I don’t have a ton of time today because this morning we had a Zone activity and we have an appointment in 15 minutes so my fingers are flying on the keys right now! Which stinks because this week was so great!!!

First, we had a baptism! Her name is Miriam, she has had a year listening to the missionaroes but fasting and praying can change anything! She got baptized Friday, it was great!! 

Elder Piper, the First Cousoler of the Area Presidency came and spoke to us which was awesome! He gave some solid instruction. The best part was after his sweeeetttttt talk, he told us that it was time for him to do his duty. So we were like, well what is that? And then he said, well “As a Seventy, it’s my job to be a witness of Jesus Christ,” and bore a powerful testimony of the Savior. Its’ spiritual moments like that when you can feel the Holy Ghost that make the mission soooo worth it. 

We’ve been fighting hard for more baptisms and the Lord is blessing us. We found two new investigators this past week. We have taught them every day this week, they went to the baptized, and they went to Church this weekend. We’re planning on baptizing them in a few weeks but they are soooo awesome. We are going to have a family home evening with them tonight!

Gotta run! But know I love you guys!! Climbing these crazy hills in the sun has changed me so much! Crazy going on 8 months!! Flying by and I’m loving every minute!!


Elder Woods



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