Week #37 – Rosarito!! – September 14th, 2015



How are you guys?! This week was super awesome. Tons of things happening!!!

We baptized four people and there were transfers today. I got transfered again!!!!! I’m in a ward really close to the beach called CONSTITUTION, in a city called Rosarito. It’s super sweet and I’m super stoked to be here. I have an American companion and his name is Elder Morgan.  He only has one transfer left in the mission and he’s been a Zone Leader for the past fifteen months. He’s now the District Leader and with me for his last transfer. I’m excited that I will be able to learn lot’s from him. We’re also opening up this sector which is going to be tough but it will be awesome! 

We had to move today so I don’t have a lot of time. But most importantly, the baptisms!!!!! We baptized C** and L** and two kids G** and M**! They are so, so, so, aweosme. C** cried yesterday when I left and L** gave me a tie. The baptism servcice was so awesome. We invited our Mission President to the baptisms and he came which was so sweet.  He actually gave a talk too which was so great. Right afterward we confirmed them and the Bishop gave them tickets to yesterdays temple dedication of the Mexico City Temple. 

OH!!! The temple dedication!!!! Holy moly, so awesome. President Eyring and Elder Holland came and talked along with the Area Presdiecny. There were 3three sessions in the Stake Center and our new converts went!!! I also saw L** who I baptised a few weeks ago there too!!! A weekend jam packed with the spirit. I cried I think more this weekend than i have in my entire life. SO GREAT!! So many spiritual experiences every day. I can’t even count them all. Like five minutes ago we went to buy food but got locked out of the house because we didn’t have the keys yet. We didn’t have much time and it was late and I wanted to start working, so I said a quick prayer so we could get in. HA right then I found another way into the house. I know The Lord answers prayers instantly if we ask with faith. 

I’m doing so great. Its been really hot but suposedly ‘El Nino” rainstorm is going to start soon so we have been preparing for weeks of rain. Hope everything’s well at home! Miss you guys tons.

Have an awesome week!!!! 



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