Week #38 – Getting things going – September 14th, 2015



This week was so great!!! Rosarito is soooo cool! Not much action though…

Like I said this past week I got transferred, AGAIN! Ha third sector in three transfers. Lots of changes but loving it! I’m out of TJ and in a beach town that’s a little farther down the coast. Its super cool. We have a chunk of the beach in our sector and can see it every day. 

We are opening the sector, so lots of work to do. We both came in the past week with no knowledge of anything that was going on and have been grinding. We were outside the majority of the week and so I’m super sunburnt! Ha, but the weather has been really good. So grateful to be here. The house is decent, my companion is awesome, and the area is even better. I really want to stay here for a while.

We are actually going to baptize somebody this week, he was an investigator from the other Elders and he’s really great. 

Not too much happened, just a ton of work! I died in my bed every single night. I took a ton of pics! I’ll send next week. Sorry last week the computer wasn’t working at all. Miss you guys a ton! More info next week when more stuff happens. 


Elder Woods


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