Week #39 – Loving Rosarito! – September 28th, 2015



Wow what an awesome week! What an awesome area! What an awesome time to be on a mission. 

Rosarito is so great, I’m loving it. definitely a different vibe than Tijuana. It’s a beach town, super cool and the people are humble, even though we’re on the beach. All dirt roads and farms. People ride horses everywhere and live in wood houses. Not a lot of running water in some parts. This is definitely more Mexico than TJ. 

We’re opening up the sector and have been walking a ton!! The members are helping us a lot and we are having a ton of success. Preparations for the Temple are in full swing. We are giving invitations out left and right and helping people understand the purpose of eternal familias. Such a cool experience to be here. 

Not much news with investigators. We are in the finding phase and the Lord is definitely on our side and guiding our steps. One experience I had this week was I was talking to my companion and we were a little discouraged. We had been knocking doors in the hot mexican sun, dirty, thirsty, soooo tired, but we were humble and ready to work. We were talking about what we should do next and a guy walked by. I wasn’t going to talk to him because I was in the middle of a conversation but then I just felt my body get pulled away, and automatically I started talking to him. Turns out he really needed some help. We taught him a lesson a few days later and he went to church yesterday. He is now preparing to be baptised in a few weeks. SO AWESOME! It was such a powerful experience, and I know the Lord is helping us out here. 

My companion Elder Morgan is super cool and we’re having a lot of fun. This place is crazy! They rent camels here on the beach that you can ride. WHAT? There’s also a lot of Americans which is weird. It’s weird seeing white people, I’m not used to it. We get a lot of trash talked to us for being two Americans but we are enjoying our time here.

Well I miss you guys tons! I hope you have an awesome week and remember how special it is to be a member of the church. I love the church and the gospel so much and am so stoked to hear from the prophets this Sunday. PREPARE AS BEST YOU CAN!!

Les amo!!

Elder Woods


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