Week #43 – I’m Training! – October 26th, 2015

Carter Mission Pick

Hey you guys!!!! Hope you guys are doing great and having fun getting ready for Halloween!!! Here’s a picture of my entire mission with Elder Holland. I’m a little hidden in the picture, but hopefully you can see me. HA!

The transfer here ended great with Elder Morgan!! It was an awesome last week and we had a ton of good times as it was his last week in the field. Not too much happened with the work but we did find a lot of new people to teach. We are still struggling a bit to get more investigators here but we’re working hard.

The baptism we were going to have went a little rough. So everything was great, he was a super chosen guy and definitely ready for his baptism… until we got to the baptism interview. There were some complications and he couldn’t get baptized. He got really, really, really offended. Long story short he isn’t getting baptized and told us to never come back. Definitely a heart breaker. It was a rough weekend but we are still going to try to help and see what we can do.

But for the transfers!!!! Well Elder Morgan went home and I’m staying here and I’m training Elder Bracho!!! He’s an awesome Elder from Paraguay, fresh out of the Mexico CCM. He’s ready to learn and to work. I’m super stoked to be training!!! It looks I’m going to be here for another three months! That will be super cool and give us a lot more time to prepare and hopeful baptize many more great people!!

I’m feeling great. The time is going so quickly. I’m in a pretty great rhythm right now and working hard. I’ve really been focusing lately on trying to make personal progress in applying the attributes of Christ that I can use for the rest of my life.When Elder Holland was here he really expressed how we need to go back home changed from this experience. I’m doing really well, STOKED to be training! It will be super fun to help this new Elder wear out his shoes!! HA! We are going to work super hard.

I miss you guys so much! I hope you guys are doing great and hope you are enjoying life! Thank you for all the love and support!


Elder Woods


Week #42 – Felicidad! – October 19th, 2015


Hey you guys!!!!! I had such and awesome week!!! This week was so much better than the week before. So many adventures here in Mexico…..

This week we had a ton more success. I’m doing great and really starting to get into a groove here in Rosarito. This is already the last week of the transfer!! Elder Morgan and I are doing great and having a lot of fun. This week went by in a jiffy. I barely had time to breath! We found a lot of new people to teach and it was fantastic weather. It has been pretty hot lately but it was kind of drizzly all week, something they call here ¨chipy chipy¨ haha. But it was really great.

SOOOOOOOOO ELDER HOLLAND CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy moly, I can’t explain it. Just remind me when I get home to tell you how awesome it was. HE IS POWERFUL!! So so so so powerful. So he came and spoke to the entire mission. We took a picture of the entire mission (met the kid from Idaho) and then we heard the testimonies of some members as well as two Seventies who were traveling with Elder Holland. I got to shake Elder Hollands hand and I said  “I’m Elder Woods from Eagle Idaho¨ and he said: ¨Like the smile Elder Woods¨ It was pretty cool.

The meeting started and he got a microphone and he came down the stairs to start to speak (he did his whole talk walking through the crowd) and the first thing he said was “I’m just going to start walking down here so I can…..(a big pause) then he JUMPS and grabs this sister missionaries face and says ¨SO I CAN SCARE THE LIVIN DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ALL OF YOU!!!¨ hahahahhah it was so crazy! He grabbed her and was just yelling. It was wild but so cool. Then he started his talk that definitely met his personality of ´singing the eyebrows´ of everyone who was present. He told us he had a mini interview with all of us when he shook our hand and gave some amazing compliments to us as a mission. He said he could tell we were being obedient and working very, very hard. A  quote “superb mission filled with superb missionaries¨ He said he was going to go back to Utah with the report to President Monson that Tijuana is “excellent.” After he said that he asked President Garcia for some pesos hahah- He was just so lively. His talk was about the way we should love our missions. He put so much emotion into his talk. It was one of the most spiritually uplifting meetings I’ve ever had in my life and probably will ever have. Definitely a day for the record books.

Yesterday we got some super great news! We had quite a few investigators in church and one is this guy I***, who is super chosen. He told us last week that he wanted a few weeks to prepare for his baptism. He has smoked cigarettes for 50 years and just dropped it cold turkey. This is the same guy that I’ve spoken about before where I felt super impressed to contact a few weeks back. He’s the guy who we promised work and the lord blessed him with an amazing job. ANYWAY, yesterday he told us he wanted to get baptised this week!!!! So we are going to end this transfer and Elder Morgans mission with a bang! A baptism with an amazing man who is going to be an amazing latter-day saint.

It was such a great week! It’s going to be hard to top but we are going to keep working hard. I really do love my mission. It is so awesome getting to share my testimony every day, eat crazy Mexican food, run around dirt roads sweating my brains out in a shirt and tie….I love it.

I hope you guys have an awesome week and remember that I love you so much!!!!


Elder Woods

Week #41 – Sunday Snack – October 12th, 2015



How’s it going guys?! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. It was an awesome day. We had interviews with the Mission President on Friday and he brought the package you guys sent me just that day, haha perfect timing!! Elder Morgan and I definitely partied it up for the 30 minutes we had free at the end of the day. It was a bummer though because nobody uses/has ovens here so we couldn’t bake the cake. We definitely had a fun time with the pinata though. Thank you so much!!!

 This week went by super quick which was good because it was a little rough. I don’t know what happened but it was just a tough week. Most of our appointments fell thru, people didn’t come to church, it’s been super hot and not a lot of success contacting and knocking doors. But as always we worked so hard but we didn’t see very many fruits after the week. 

We have some pretty sweet investigators we have found but the guy that’s really progressing the best is the guy I have mentioned the last few weeks named I**. He is super animated and elect. He is going to get baptised soon but he has some problems with the Word of Wisdom so we are helping him out. He is great and such a good person. He is going to really help the church here. I know he will be a great addition to the church, I know it. 

Everyone here is still going all out for the Temple opening. We are handing out cards like crazy, doing activities to get people excited, and spreading the word! Its’ going to be so big the dedication. I’m really blessed to be able to be here in the mission at this time. 

This week was just one of those weeks where we walked in the hot dusty roads all day and got sunburnt, tired….the usual mission feelings. One experience that really sticks out.  Our area is pretty humble. Mostly dirt roads, and a lot of poverty. yesterday we ate with a family that is awesome but very humble. They are so fun and so strong in the gospel. But anyway, after just having some crazy pasole, which is like soup, we went outside to wait for the bus. We were on this dirt road and the family came out to wait with us. It had rained a few days ago so the dirt street was all cracked, so we were stomping our feet in it with this little girl waiting for the bus, and she said “my mom loves to eat these little dirt chips, they’re like chocolate.” We thought she was joking, but nope. That is definitely something they do here. She brought us a hand full of “the best dirt chips” and we ate them. HA so crazy, but ya we tried two different types of dirt and there definitely is a difference between one type and the other… just a good Sunday snack.

I love serving these people. The time is flying!! I am loving every day and growing my testimony so much. So grateful for the gospel and all you guys!!! 


Elder Woods

Week #40 – El Nino – October 5th, 2015


Buenas Dias!!!

Hey you guys!! What an amazing conference weekend! I loved it so much. I was bummed to not hear from the Prophet very much though. It was actually a record-setting weekend for me! My very first conference ever without falling asleep a single minute, ha ha! 

This week was fantastic. After the amazing spiritually jammed packed conference sessions, yesterday night we had a baptism with a super cool kid named O**. He is awesome! His parents were baptised a few weeks ago and his Dad got the Priesthood this past week and got to baptise him. Such an awesome experience. Elder Morgan and I sang a baptism song too. We were in the chapel for like 15 hours straight! HA! I loved it. 

Other than the baptism and conference not too much else happened. It was a normal week. We haven’t had running water in our apartment for three days. That’s been tough!There have been a few rumors the past couple of weeks about ¨el niño´ that is supposed to hit the coast. I think it is just starting up. It’s been raining really hard the past few days and especially strong because we are right on the beach. It’s awesome though, a good break from the sun. 

One of our investigators is I**. I told you about him last week. He’s the man I contacted the last week. He was really struggling to find work, but when we contacted him we promised him we could help him find work. He went to church this past Sunday and the next day he found one job, then Thursday he found an even better one! So awesome how the Lord fulfills his blessings, and super quick. 

We’re still having trouble opening up this new sector. We have quite a few investigators but we will see what happens! Times passing quick though, Elder Morgan heads home in a few weeks which is pretty crazy being with someone who leaves. But were killing it though, working hard and making crazy mission memories. 

HUGE NEWS!!!!!! So as a mission we have been baptizing quite a few and there is a new temple coming here, the first NEW temple in Mexico for almost ten years, so there is a lot of buzz about our mission right now!! SO we just found out Elder Holland is coming this next week to talk to us!!!! SO AWESOME!!!! I’m so excited. It’s going to be sweet. Can’t wait to tell you guys about his talk. 

I hope you guys have an awesome week! Love you guys so much!!


Elder Woods