Week #40 – El Nino – October 5th, 2015


Buenas Dias!!!

Hey you guys!! What an amazing conference weekend! I loved it so much. I was bummed to not hear from the Prophet very much though. It was actually a record-setting weekend for me! My very first conference ever without falling asleep a single minute, ha ha! 

This week was fantastic. After the amazing spiritually jammed packed conference sessions, yesterday night we had a baptism with a super cool kid named O**. He is awesome! His parents were baptised a few weeks ago and his Dad got the Priesthood this past week and got to baptise him. Such an awesome experience. Elder Morgan and I sang a baptism song too. We were in the chapel for like 15 hours straight! HA! I loved it. 

Other than the baptism and conference not too much else happened. It was a normal week. We haven’t had running water in our apartment for three days. That’s been tough!There have been a few rumors the past couple of weeks about ¨el niño´ that is supposed to hit the coast. I think it is just starting up. It’s been raining really hard the past few days and especially strong because we are right on the beach. It’s awesome though, a good break from the sun. 

One of our investigators is I**. I told you about him last week. He’s the man I contacted the last week. He was really struggling to find work, but when we contacted him we promised him we could help him find work. He went to church this past Sunday and the next day he found one job, then Thursday he found an even better one! So awesome how the Lord fulfills his blessings, and super quick. 

We’re still having trouble opening up this new sector. We have quite a few investigators but we will see what happens! Times passing quick though, Elder Morgan heads home in a few weeks which is pretty crazy being with someone who leaves. But were killing it though, working hard and making crazy mission memories. 

HUGE NEWS!!!!!! So as a mission we have been baptizing quite a few and there is a new temple coming here, the first NEW temple in Mexico for almost ten years, so there is a lot of buzz about our mission right now!! SO we just found out Elder Holland is coming this next week to talk to us!!!! SO AWESOME!!!! I’m so excited. It’s going to be sweet. Can’t wait to tell you guys about his talk. 

I hope you guys have an awesome week! Love you guys so much!!


Elder Woods


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