Week #41 – Sunday Snack – October 12th, 2015



How’s it going guys?! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. It was an awesome day. We had interviews with the Mission President on Friday and he brought the package you guys sent me just that day, haha perfect timing!! Elder Morgan and I definitely partied it up for the 30 minutes we had free at the end of the day. It was a bummer though because nobody uses/has ovens here so we couldn’t bake the cake. We definitely had a fun time with the pinata though. Thank you so much!!!

 This week went by super quick which was good because it was a little rough. I don’t know what happened but it was just a tough week. Most of our appointments fell thru, people didn’t come to church, it’s been super hot and not a lot of success contacting and knocking doors. But as always we worked so hard but we didn’t see very many fruits after the week. 

We have some pretty sweet investigators we have found but the guy that’s really progressing the best is the guy I have mentioned the last few weeks named I**. He is super animated and elect. He is going to get baptised soon but he has some problems with the Word of Wisdom so we are helping him out. He is great and such a good person. He is going to really help the church here. I know he will be a great addition to the church, I know it. 

Everyone here is still going all out for the Temple opening. We are handing out cards like crazy, doing activities to get people excited, and spreading the word! Its’ going to be so big the dedication. I’m really blessed to be able to be here in the mission at this time. 

This week was just one of those weeks where we walked in the hot dusty roads all day and got sunburnt, tired….the usual mission feelings. One experience that really sticks out.  Our area is pretty humble. Mostly dirt roads, and a lot of poverty. yesterday we ate with a family that is awesome but very humble. They are so fun and so strong in the gospel. But anyway, after just having some crazy pasole, which is like soup, we went outside to wait for the bus. We were on this dirt road and the family came out to wait with us. It had rained a few days ago so the dirt street was all cracked, so we were stomping our feet in it with this little girl waiting for the bus, and she said “my mom loves to eat these little dirt chips, they’re like chocolate.” We thought she was joking, but nope. That is definitely something they do here. She brought us a hand full of “the best dirt chips” and we ate them. HA so crazy, but ya we tried two different types of dirt and there definitely is a difference between one type and the other… just a good Sunday snack.

I love serving these people. The time is flying!! I am loving every day and growing my testimony so much. So grateful for the gospel and all you guys!!! 


Elder Woods


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