Week #46 – It’s Open! – November 16th, 2015

THE TEMPLE IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought this day would come. The Temple opened up Friday and wow, the spirit has been so strong just everywhere down here. I’m loving it.

We had the amazing opportunity to go Saturday with our ward!! We rented a bus and made the 30 minute bus trip from Rosarito to TJ and went to see the temple. We brought a total of seven investigators on the bus too, which is the most important. The bus ride was crazy. We were just trying to fit as many people as we could so I sat in the aisle on a bucket. There were like six people per seat and it was a party. Such an amazing spirit was with us too.

When we got there we got the awesome chance to take a bunch of investigators through. One of our investigators is this really old lady named A**. She is super old and was really nervous about going but I told her I would be there every step of the way to make sure she didn’t fall. So she came and LOVED IT. She said she felt kind of sick getting ready but once she got on the bus she said that all just went away.

The next investigator is named R**. He is living with a member and we are teaching him right now. He was feeling pretty good about baptism before the temple, but before we went in my companion told him about the spirit he was going to feel when we went into the celestial room. These last two times I’ve gone into the temple I always walk in the back because I just start crying like a baby. So I was in the back and my companion and R** were in the middle of our group. I saw R** whispering to my companion frequently throughout the tour and I didn’t know what they were saying. When we got out Elder Bracho pulled me aside and told me R** was just breaking down in the temple and said he felt so much peace and it was so great to be there. We went with him yesterday and I asked him if he knew the church was true and he kind of paused a second, and he said, “I had doubts before going to the temple, but after I went into the celestial room I felt it. I know its true.”  🙂

Another cool experience, we were waiting outside the temple to leave and we walked by this american lady trying to talk to a security guard in English. Ha the security guard obviously had no clue what she was saying so I stepped in and helped. She told me she had gone through the temple the day before and when she went home that night she had been pondering and praying all night about the things she saw. She came back searching for the missionaries to go to here hotel and teach her. It was sooooo COOL! She was from New Mexico and heard about the temple so she popped down to see it. Her words to me were “I want the missionaries to come over and tell me how I can be a Mormon” HA so cool.

That’s just a few of all the sweet things that have been going on!!! It’s so awesome to be here right now. There are some pictures of the temple that are on the church website that are pretty sweet that you guys got to check out!!

Everything’s good! We’re working hard! I hope everything is well at home!!!


Elder Woods


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