Week #47 – An opposition in all things- November 23rd, 2015



So this is the second ward I have been in for more than a month and a half. It’s kind of funny, the longer you are in the ward, the more the members start to love you. And the more they start to love you, the more food they give you….. I’m definitely not getting any skinnier!!

This week was pretty basic. We didn’t get a chance to go to the temple, we had a ton of plans but all of our investigators backed out like last minute. It was pretty rough. We did have a lot of success with our investigators though, but then yesterday none of them came to church 😦   That’s always rough because it puts us back for baptisms a few weeks. The temple has been a great blessing for everyone, but man there has been a lot of opposition this month.

We have one investigator his name is R**. I mentioned a little bit about him last week. R** and his girlfriend aren’t married so we’re in the process of working that out. Last Sunday night we taught the law of chastity and it was a super spiritual lesson. When we came back Wednesday they had read the pamphlet and told us they are ready to get married. Super weird process helping someone make the decision to get married. Definitely experiences that i will never forget. HA it is just awkward because I have no experience whatsoever with marriage and here I am helping bros put a ring on it. Pretty intense.

We also had a New Missionaries training meeting in TJ. This is a meeting where they verify the progress of my little bro Elder Bracho. He is  working so hard, I love it. But pretty amazing what happened that day… ..

So we were receiving some instruction, and one of the Assistants asked “So of the new missionaries, who thinks they will be able to train after your done training??” A few missionaries stood up, like 7 out of about 30, one of which was Elder Bracho. And so the Assistant proceeded to ask everyone who stood up what their trainer is doing to make them feel ready to train. I was thinking “Oh shoot, what is my companion going to say!!” Everyone else went and said some pretty sweet things “my comps working hard, he’s obedient, he teaches me really well ect.” My companion just happened to be the last person called on. When the Assistant got to him, Elder Bracho kind of paused for a second… I was so nervous for him, HA I didn’t know what he was going to say. Like 60-70 missioners were there and the Mission President and everyone, so I was nervous. So he paused, and mas o menos what he said was “Well… out of all the things that have been said, most of them were pretty good, and I imagine you guys have pretty good trainers too. But my companion is the best. He has done every single thing all of you just said and more. But most importantly he has given me the example in everything and truly how to love the people and serve as a disciple of Jesus Christ.” He said some more sweet stuff but I don’t want to just like brag about myself. But after that he sat down and it was just dead silent. The President was just looking over at us. We sat there for like 30 seconds, then he just said “that’s what we want for everyone”

Man I was tearing up! It was such a cool experience. Definitely the highlight of my week. I’m so glad I can give that example to my Companion. It was fantastic.

Well that’s all for this week!!! We looked around for a place that we could send pictures and we found one so I’m going to send some!!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!!



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