Week #49 – Back In The Groove – December 7th, 2015


HEY EVERYONE, what an awesome week! We are so blessed here in the Mexico Tijuana Mission. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRADY!!! He is the best brother in the world. I hope he knows I love him and hope he grows up to be a worthy priesthood holder.

So much happened this week and we had so many spiritual experiences for me and my companion. The Lord answers prayers immediately for his missionaries. We had so many blessings and answers to little things I could make a list! But man so many blessings this week.

For starters we are going to baptize this week!! It was soooo amazing what happened. SOOOO their’s this girl, her name is An**, she went to the temple two times with us and loved it! Only problem, she lived in another ward boundaries. She started coming to church with her friend and loved the church and the ward, and us too, but she lived in the other ward. So we passed the reference to the other missionaries and kept working. We have been praying a ton and especially this week that we could baptize in December. We were praying like crazy. We actually set the goal to contact and knock more doors, and invite one person every day to be baptized. Like we couldn’t go back to the house until we did it. And we started that Monday. Monday night, we set a baptism date, Tuesday night, three more baptism dates and Wednesday we found out that An** CHANGED HOUSES AND LIVES IN OUR SECTOR!!! Like what?! Such a blessing. So there was another baptism date we set. Just so many blessings. We then went out and put another baptism date every day except one. We’re working so hard. I was dying the whole week, but wow so many blessings.

An** is so awesome though. She is fourteen years old and has a rough family life. She really wants to change her life and have a future family like the families she has seen in the church. It will be a great blessing to see her be baptized and start the journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

We saw a ton of miracles this week as we prayed with faith. Its been amazing to be out here on the mission and see the lords hand in the work and see how he uses everyone to bring to pass the salvation of his sons and daughters. So glad to be apart of it all.

Its been pretty hot again and something kind of weird, the mission offices called me to tell me I have to renew my visa. HA that means I’m about to finish a year here in Mexico. How crazy. Time flies. I’m excited for the next year to come and to keep working hard.

I miss and love you guys so much! Hope you guys have an awesome week!


Elder Woods



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