Week #51 – Feliz Navidad – December 21st, 2015


Hey guys!!! Merry Christmas almost!!!

It doesn’t feel anything like Christmas here in Mexico! There isn’t any snow, it doesn’t smell like cinnamon, our apartment doesn’t smell like Christmas smells like in my house and lots of other stuff. Hahaha but I’m loving it! It’s a Christmas I will never forget.

This week was fantastic. It flew by again, and we had a lot of success. We found lots of people to teach, we’re rocking it with baptism dates and just the usual grind! This week we had an experience that was pretty cool.

It has been over two months (back when I was with Elder Morgan actually) since we were about to baptize a man named I**! He was super close and made it to the interview but had some complications. We hadn’t visited him all this time…. until this week. So we decided to go with him to see how he had been and wish him a feliz navidad. So when we went he came running out!! I got kind of nervous as I thought he was going to be mad or something. But he came out with a huge smile! He invited us in and everything. He was so happy to see us. So it turns out, in these past two months, he had been praying, reading the scriptures, and he never worked Sunday because he knew it was a commandment. He said he had been waiting for the day that we would come back. He was so happy and is going to get baptised now in two weeks. It was really special for me to see how much he had changed and how happy he is again. When we left his house, in the middle of this tiny dirt road here in Rosarito Mexico, I danced like a wild man!! I was so happy. Hopefully all goes well these next couple weeks!

Elder Bracho is doing a great job, he is progressing like crazy! He is loving the mision and were having a great time. He actually has never celebrated Christmas so he is super stoked to celebrate his first one! It’s going to be a good week!

Another funny story that happened this week. So for like my entire mission I have seen these scripture cases of the TJ Temple that are soooooooooo cool. But I never could get my hands on one! Finally like two weeks ago I found one and bought it and I was so, so, so indescribably happy that I finally found one. Hahahah like I can’t even tell you guys. They are so cool. But anyway, it cost a bunch and it was really hard to get. Anyway, like a week later and I was teaching happily with my new scripture case… And then we got robbed.

No I’m just kidding, we didn’t get robbed. But we went to these one investigators house, and they are super hard hearted, just not interested in the church, but they live in the house of their brother and he is a super strong member so he is asking them to listen. So it’s been hard for us to get to them. We come sometimes and they yell at us, tell us nothing will change them….but we always just try to be super cool and we always testify to them that “we will do whatever it takes to help them out.” So we went Saturday night and we were talking and they weren’t accepting anything we were saying. So I whipped out my scriptures to share a final scripture before we left and the lady saw my sweet scripture case. She flipped, she had to have it, started telling me she had no clue what to get her brother for Christmas but she said the case was perfect. I was like “I’ve been waiting for one of these my whole mission” Then she started offering me money and everything and I kept telling her no! She got pretty fired up and started telling us she never wanted to see us again and she never wants us back there and it got pretty intense. We were about to leave and she was still firing bullets at me, when she said “And you guys always say you will do whatever it is to help me… I guess not”

That line hit me. I realized that the scripture case wasn’t that important, especially at Christmas time, so I gave it to her, hopefully to open up her heart a little bit. When I took it off my scriptures and gave it to her and told her Merry Christmas her whole face changed. I could see it had a huge impact on her. It was just a crazy situation and hopefully it touched her heart a little bit.. But now I’m scripturecaseless!!!

I’m so happy to be serving the lord! I know the real meaning of Christmas is the Savior and I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate his birth than serving him! I hope you guys have an awesome week!! And I will see you guys Friday!!!!!




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