Week #54 – Rainy Week- January 11th, 2016


What a week!!!! So crazy but so fun!

This week was pretty great. It was definitely an adventure. We had so much fun though with so many opportunities to serve.

Well it all started Monday which was a pretty normal day of just hittin it hard. Then Tuesday…. the rain hit……

WE GOT NAILED!!! That’s the only phrase I can think of to describe what happened.

IT RAINED SO MUCH!! él nino hit us. Hard! The thing is all of Rosarito got flooded. Cars were flying everywhere, houses were getting taken away. It was like a natural disaster but only lasted for like an hour. The thing is the houses here are not built really well. All of the streets are dirt. There’s a lot of hills here too so in the valleys the houses just got wrecked. We did a lot of service in the days after the flooding. We shoveled lot’s of mud and water. It was pretty insane as you can see by some of the pictures. We were on house lock-down Tuesday and Wednesday so we just partied as hard as missionaries can for two days. Ate some pizza, studied the scriptures like 10 hours, and got some good naps in.

For the past few days everything has been super, super muddy. I’ve been wearing my boots and have been having so much fun just walking and sliding around and helping as mnay people as we can. Elder Bracho and I have had to slide  down some huge mountains to make it to our appointments and got super, super dirty. But with all the rain we could just blame it on that and everyone was fine with it 😀

We have been working so hard but with the flooding, no has gotten to the point of being ready to get baptized. This is the last week of the transfer so we have to keep working hard!! Who knows though, I could be in a different sector next week!! I really hope I don’t leave. I love the members here so much. We have so many good friends and investigators and this is just a great area. It will be tough if I head out but we will see what happens.

Elder Bracho and I have felt great and we have really been feeling the spirit consistently in our days. We have been teaching powerfully and feel like were really helping people here. It’s been cool to see the change in Elder Bracho as well. He’s going to finish his training this week and he went from little kid from South America, to a SUPER HUMAN missionary that can tear apart satin with the scriptures and his testimony. He’s now ready to battle the adversary and take this glorious message to all who desire it. It’s been a great two  transfers with him.

I love you guys so much! I hope you have an awesome week and know that I really care about you guys a ton and pray everyday for your well being!!! LES AMO!!!!

Love Elder Woods



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