Week #56 – Amazing! – January 25th, 2016

MAN what a week, hahha!

Wow, Ensenada is amazing!! It’s beautiful! I live a rocks throw away from the beach! It’s been crazy living so close for the past six months. The temperature is cool, and every night there are some amazing sunsets. It’s a ton greener here than in Tijuana. It’s been great being here so far.

The week went by pretty quick. I had to go back to TJ Friday for a conference for District Leaders which was great! It’s awesome to be able to learn how to be a better leader. In my District there are two other companionship’s and it’s been cool being able to serve them. Tuesday morning I had my first District meeting and I didn’t know any of the missionaries so afterward I asked them how the meeting was and if there was anything I could make better. They said they thought I had been a District Leader for awhile and said it was really good! That felt pretty cool.

In Ensenada the work is definitely a little harder. It’s still pretty poor here like TJ but there isn’t as strong a belief in God. The Catholic background for everyone is still there but there is a lot of influence from the US and I would say it’s about 50/50 that the people we teach believe in God. Most don’t believe at all. We have some pretty solid investigators and we’re going to work hard for success this transfer.

Elder Winson is from Harriman Utah!! HAHA its been pretty fun with him. He just got done with his training, but speaks Spanish really well. He is 18, and was actually trained by my ‘brother” a latino who was trained by my trainer Elder Hernandez!! So that makes Elder Winson my nephew. haha!

BIG NEWS THOUGH!!!! ELDER BRACHO IS TRAINING!!!! AHHAHAHA I’m so stoked!! I didn’t know but I just found out when I went back to TJ. I was so happy. I’m proud of the guy, and a happy father!

Other than that we have just been working hard. We have a few baptism dates which is great. There’s a lot of crazies here. We have had some funny experiences. There was a National Missionary Conference Wednesday which was pretty cool. I enjoyed it, lots of good stuff.

I have found it is tough to lead. I don’t want to be mean to the missionaries but I also don’t want to be a softy, hahaha, I’m still getting into a groove. Three of the missionaries are older than me in the mission so I’m working hard to gain their respect/confidence.

I miss you guys tons!! SO GRATEFUL to be a missionary!! Thank you for all the love and support!!


Les amo!

Elder Woods




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