Week #58 – Prayer House- February 8th, 2016


I’m so sorry, these last three weeks have gone by so, so, so fast!! These past few weeks I have been dedicating a ton of time to writing the Mission President during the hour we have to email that I haven’t had a lot of time to write letters home!! I have really been trying hard to dedicate so much time to help the District.

Ensenada! It’s so beautiful here. Our whole sector is on the beach. There are 4 colleges in our sector so a lot of college kids. THERE ARE A TON OF HILLS, just like TJ again. Its been soooo hot to. Its feels like summer.

The work here is a little slower. We have been GRINDING though. Honestly with being a Disrtict Leader it has bumped up my work level even more to be an example! My companion Elder Winsor is a stud and we work so well together. He is really diligent and is always open to try crazy ideas or something so that we can baptize more.

Speaking of baptisms… We are baptizing this week!! Sorry that I haven’t said anything. We were going to baptize a couple but they fell through. We have the goal to go to the temple this month so we are hitting it hard. The guy we’re going to baptize, his name is Iv**, he is 16 years old, and is really progressing well and super interested in improving his life. We found him the first week we were here and now were going to baptize him! The main reason why he has been progressing so well is because this ward is really good, and they are really focused on helping the missionaries grow the ward. Just two years ago it was a branch, and we are actually still meeting in the Prayer House. It isn’t a full chapel. The Stake promised that if they worked hard and got the attendance up, that they would build a chapel. So they are all super pumped!! We have about 100 people attend every Sunday which is really good. The ward is bigger than Constituition Ward in TJ and some of my other wards I’ve served, but its weird because we meet in just a really big house. It’s cool though barbecue the house has A SOCCER GOAL!!! Like a full side FIFA one, right in the house!! Me and Elder Winsor have been waking up early for the past few weeks at 5:30 and have been working out hard. We have been going down to the church and shooting around which has been really nice and it really helps us to work a lot harder.

The house we are in is easily one of the best I’ve lived in too. It’s sweet. Yesterday some lady flipped out on me and Elder Winsor because we forgot to take out the rent… But we were laughing because in the “Spanish for missionary books” the swear words aren’t in there… hahah so we were just laughing.

Last Monday we went to the famous Bufadora with some members. It was awesome!!

I’m doing great! I’m loving everything about Ensenada. It’s such a great time of my mission. Time is FLYING again. But I miss you guys so much!! HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!!! Hopefully you guys have an awesome Valentines Day and  birthday. Spoil Mom a ton!!




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