Week #59 – Sweet Baptism! – February 15th, 2016

Hey Family! Another great week here in Ensenada! I’m sorry, but I still can’t find a reliable computer. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to send any pictures these last few weeks. Not a lot of options here.

I’m writing late because we have had some money troubles and didn’t have enough money to buy time for the computer. Some American people lent us some money so were good to go for just a short update. But anyway this week was fantastic! I have felt a ton of pressure though. The work is pretty intense. It’s insane. But it’s all good as we’re working hard and trying to be as obedient as we can.

The baptism this week was sweet. I got the honor to confirm Iv** which was great. It’s amazing going up in front of a Mexican congregation and confirming someone in Spanish. His parents, who aren’t members, came and I’m hoping they felt the spirit so we can start teaching them too.

I’ve been hitting it hard on the weights everyday at 5:30. I have been able to do a lot of cardio, I have a bar with 30 pounds on each side. I have been doing the workouts you sent me Dad!!

The District is doing great! I did interchanges with one Elder this week and it went well. We found some new people for them to teach which was good. I’m still working on the vision of everyone though. I’ve been focusing to really help the District to have a ton of hope and that with faith they can find people to teach.

Thanks so much for all of your help! I love you guys tons! I hope you have an awesome week! I’m seeing miracles here in Enseanda thanks to you guys!

Love, Elder Woods


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