Week #67 – “Who is this gringo?” – April 11th, 2016


This week we had transfers!! Elder Carreto and I are still together for another transfer!!! I’m really stoked to be together for another transfer because we have been working really hard and we want to go to the temple together. We should have many of our investigators enter the waters of baptism this month, so we’re working hard!!!!!!

This week honestly… I think I say this every week but we worked so hard. Like a different level hard. We have seen the need to work and raise the level of our zone. Just a few things we did…

Everyday we get on these huge long buses that they have here and we take them 2 or 3 times a day to move around. What we started doing is when we get on the bus we ask the bus driver if we can say a few words, and if he says yes, we start preaching on the buses!!!! Haha whenever I do it a cool missionary phrase is always in my head….

“What was bold today, will not be bold tomorrow.”

We have been trying to push our limits. And honestly its so crazy to start preaching on a bus. Everyone is like, “Who is this gringo?” and start yelling at us and stuff. We haven’t seen much success yet but the Lord blessed us with 18 new people to teach this week!!!! We have so much work but we are loving it!

Nu*** is doing well! We are thinking this week we are going to baptize her but we still are not 100% for sure, she is a little shaky, she loves the church but doesn’t want the commitment. Your prayers for her would be great!

We have a few families that we have found this week that are really great. I have been praying a lot to find families that really need the gospel and can really enjoy the fullness of the gospel and go to the temple and be sealed one day. Speaking of the temple, I heard from an old convert in my first area, Ale****** this past Monday!!! He is doing great, and told me he loved general conference. We are trying to set a date when we could go together to the temple! They let us go to the temple if one of our converts goes, so that is pretty cool!!!

I just wanted to say that prayers are really answered. I had so many little experiences this week were miracles happened. Always remember to pray!


Elder Woods


Week #66 – General Conference- April 4th, 2016


Hello everyone!!

Well today me and my companion, because its the last week before transfers, took half the Zone to a park and played ultimate frisbee, volleyball and some other sports all day and we just got back and don’t have any time to write!!! It was so fun though. Afterwards we brought everyone to one of our investigators house to eat and she made us gorditas!! I’m full on Mexican now and put sooooooo much chili on my food. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get back. I felt pretty sick after though and didn’t eat more than one!

This week was great!!! General Conference was fantastic. I really loved the talk about how Jesus Cristo is the best leader, but also the best follower. One of the talks that I also liked was on how charity is the pure love of Christ, and if so, pride is the defining trait of the adversary. We were filled with the spirit and after a ton of high-chews that Grandma sent me (THANK YOU GRANDMA) lots of tears, and a few good laughs, we were glad to leave the church after two days.

We brought a ton of investigators to the conference. The majority of them just got really confused, but they felt the spirit which is .

One of our investigators who came with us to Conference stayed after, as we had a lot of baptisms in the zone, and really liked it a lot. We should be baptizing her in a few weeks. Her name is Nu***.

I’m loving everything about being here. Its getting pretty hot, but we are loving it. This week there are transfers and we don’t really know whats going to happen but we will see! Elder Carreto and I don’t want to be separated!! We are having a great time together.

I love you guys so much!! Have an awesome week!!!