Week #68 – Stingray – April 18th, 2016

Hello family!!

Last Tuesday we went to one of the district meetings and all was well, and the Bishop invited us to eat after our meeting. He told us he was making something special! So we started eating and it tasted like tuna, but then he told us it was Monterrey, or “stingray”. HA! So I was stoked, crazy things on the mission right? That joy lasted for about 8 hours. That night was rough…

I then spent the following 3 days in bad, super, super sick. Had to get some crazy injections in my behind from this crazy phamacia lady!  It’s been pretty wild. I’m doing alright.

Because I’ve been sick, the work has been pretty slow figuring that we didn’t leave all week. Nu*** ended up not getting baptized for some complications but we are still teaching her so we are hoping here pretty soon.

Someone came to church yesterday who is from Nayarit who has all the lessons and wants to be baptized! HA! But she is changing houses in 2 weeks so we have to pass the reference on to another companionship.

Family! Hope you guys are doing well! Know you are in my prayers  and thinking about you everyday! I miss you guys tons!


Elder Woods



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