Week #70 – Trust in the Lord – May 2nd, 2016


I’m doing so great. This week was filled with lots of doors, people, some blood, sweat of course, and tears of gratitude for all the blessings of the lord.

I had our zone meeting on Tuesday. It went really well. I spoke about consecration and put a couple cool videos together and talked about the consecration of Jesus Christ and how he consecrates everything. So we as missionaries can easily consecrate 2 years of our life. We may not be asked to give everything, but we should always have the disposition to give everything, at moments notice! To help the missionaries more I did an activity that I did in seminary a few years ago with Brother Tanner. It was like the “anti Nephi-Lehi’s” when they buried their swords to better help them keep the commandments. I told everyone to write down the things that kept them from being obedient and write it on a piece of paper, and then outside the chapel, I had a hole dug and we all put our papers in and they helped cover the hole. After that we had about 10 members from our ward come in and be “fake investigators” We just practiced for a few hours, working on our skills, and finished with a special musical number from some cool Elders. One is from California and the other from Ecuador. I think it went really well!

We knocked a ton of doors this week searching for the elect here in TJ. We found one! She’s a young girl who just got deported from BEAVERTON, Oregon!!! how crazy right? And she was going to church and has had all of the lessons. We didn’t want to rush it so we are going to keep visiting her and see what happens. She works Sunday’s in the street markets so its going to be hard for her to progress because she can’t go to church but we will see what we can do to help her.

Elder Carreto got really sick Friday, so we weren’t able to work Saturday, and Sunday after we took the sacrament we went to the hospital because he still felt really sick. He has an infection in his kidneys. I think its the same think I had a few weeks ago.

I feel like my testimony has grown a ton in these past few weeks. I have really been focusing on having more confidence in the Lord. Really trusting 100% that he has a plan for the people here in TJ, and especially in guiding me to what my role is in helping them. Really trusting in the Lord has helped me have more peace with all the crazy stuff that happens here.

So happy to be able to talk to you guys this Sunday!!!



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