Week #75 – Daily Blessings – June 6th, 2016

Hey guys!!!

This week was fantastic! I had such an awesome week, tons of spiritually uplifting experiences and honestly I feel excelente! Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Ka******* was able to be baptized this week!!! We also have another couple we’re teaching that we’re  marrying, so they just need to get married and then we will baptize them as well!!!

I did something this week that was really cool. I started a journal of every time I feel the spirit. At the end of each day I write in the journal every time I felt or had the impression to do something and the outcome. It was amazing at the end of each day to see how many times the holy ghost came to me to warn, invite, strengthen or comfort me throughout each day.

One cool experience this week is when we did interchanges with the Assistants. I had a strong impression to contact a man on the side of the road. When I contacted him I started to introduce ourselves, and all that jazz, and he didn’t say anything. He just looked at us. He accepted the card but like 2 minutes went by and nothing. Then someone passed by and told us he wasn’t mentally all there and couldn’t respond. So I thought, well maybe it wasn’t the spirit but just my desire to give a card away. But right when we started to walk away, the house this man was sitting in front of, a lady ran out screaming for us!! She said in Spanish, HANDSOME BOYS!! HANDSOME BOYS!! COME HERE I WANT TO SEE YOU! We thought she was going to get us or something. But she was like 60 years old, so no worries. hahah, but we waited and started talking to her. It turned out that her husband had died a few weeks earlier and she wanted us to pray for her. She had also seen the temple and wanted to know how she could go. We told her if she listened to us she could go to the temple. Then I shared how when grandpa Woods died, my family went to the temple to feel closer to him and it helped them a lot and I knew it could help her. She started crying and we are now teaching her!!!!!!! Amazing how the lord works!!!

I’m so stoked to be here in the mission! Thanks for all your love and support! I’m working hard! It’s getting hot here in Mexico. I don’t know if it’s as hot here as up there in Idaho but its been cooking. The good thing though is more people let us in their houses 😀




Week #74 – Pretty Fantastic! – May 30th, 2016



I miss you guys tons! This week was pretty fantastic! The work continues to be amazing in TJ! We’re blessed to be teaching many people the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m just going to give a few highlights.

Transfers were last week so a lot of new faces. A lot of work with the new missionaries in the zone so we are excited for the work.

Elder Carreto and I are together for another transfer! We are like brothers now. We have been together for the longest ever….Hahaha we are having a great time!

We’re going to have a baptism this week with Ka*******! Your prayers would be great for her. The converts here are doing good.

I think I told you guys but Al******* from my first sector, Las Huertas, is going to get married in the temple here pretty soon!!!! I’m so stoked about that. I will be able to go which will be sweet.

The zone is going well, lots of work but its the best job ever! I’m loving every aspect of the mission! I just want time to slow down though!! It’s flying!! I’m doing great.

I love and miss you guys so much! I hope you guys have an awesome day!! GREAT JOB TYSON AND BRADY IN YOUR TOURNAMENTS!! MISS YOU GUYS!!