Week #84 – Hello From Mexicali!- August 15th, 2016

Contacting on the Bus!
I Love Boise!
Zone Conference

Hello from Mexicali!!! Transfers came and I’m so stoked to now be in Mexicali with Elder Arnell from Meridian, Idaho! So excited to be working in this Zone with such incredible missionaries!

It is hot, hot, hot here in Mexicali. I was frying my buns off my bike seat this whole week! But so much fun. We worked so hard. I have NEVER been more tired than I was this week. I have been dead with Elder Arnell. I don’t know if its the sun or if its my new bike, or what’s up but man it was a tiring week.

ELDER ARNELL!! He is an awesome guy. We were trying to figure out the whole week if we had some friends in common but until now the only person we know in common is Liam Looney from soccer, hahah. We’re having an awesome time though! It’s so much fun working here. The members are great, the ward is great, they gave me a few minutes yesterday in sacrament to introduce myself and I got the chance to share my testimony, and win them over talking a little about soccer 😀 But ITs great here!

Hmm, Mexicali… Its a lot different than Tijuana. The people are a little bit more open. It’s a little bit nicer than Tijuana, like a little less humble, but there are still some humble spots. We’re on bikes now, which is a blessing and a curse because we spend a ton of time fixing flat tires, putting the chain back on, and the traffic here in mexico is always crazy so riding bikes on the street is such an adventure. We have a lot of good investigators here, and a lot of good things going! The zone is bigger than my last zone so that is cool. My grandson (the missionary that Elder Bracho trained) is in the zone. It’s pretty funny to see how he teaches because its just like how I taught Elder Bracho! So crazy to see that. He is actually from Preston Idaho too, but was born in Peru, so cool. Also the 3 Americans that came out with me in the MTC are all here in Mexicali!!

Mexicali is split up into 2 stakes, one is Mexicali stake, and one is Los Pinos stake. I’m in Los Pinos, but our ward is called Justo sierra. Actually a family in Olivos, the brother he was the Stake Presidente here so he told me a lot of cool stuff before I came.

Supposedly Mexicali has the best Chinese food in all of mexico, hahah who knows I haven’t tried it yet. Its also the capital of Baja California so there is a lot more government buildings and stuff. Our chapel is like right downtown which is fun. It’s hard though because its like a 40 min bus ride, and it is really hard to get investigators to church.

This week Elder Arnell lost his front wheel and fell super hard, I was dying laughing, but karma came around when 2 days late my handlebars flew off and at the same time my chain, so I pushed really hard on the pedals and lost my balance but the handlebars were broken so I flew over the handlebars and fell off right in the middle of the street. HAHA so funny. It was a fun week.

THE HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO HOT, like I’m getting use to it but man its really hot. When you open the faucet in the morning hot water comes out just because of all the pipes. Our air conditioning works like mas o menos but we are doing great. Riding on the bikes is like riding in a sauna. One interesting thing is everyone goes everywhere and carries with them like rags for the sweat. So like people just carry these rage because its sooooooo hot. It was 115 the first week and is usually 110 -112 most days. We bike like 100 yards, then go into a gas station and get water, bike a 100 yards, gas station and so on. The gas stations are really cold so it is so nice to go in.

I’m doing great though! SO stoked to be here. There are so many blessings here that the lord gives us for working here. A common phrase people say he is … “It gets hotter here that it does in the sahara desert.” Haha 2 weeks ago it broke a city record and was 132 degress before miday.

Pretty sizzling, but all the more reason for people to jump into the baptism font 😀


Elder Woods


Week #83 – Bus Ride Preaching- August 8th, 2016

IMG_0229 (1)


I’m SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! THIS WEEK WAS FANTASTIC! Such a good week. Me and my companion worked so hard, hahah it makes me tired just thinking about it. We literally RAN from appointment to appointment. Our sector is huge! We spend a good chunk of time every day on buses preaching and spreading the gospel. You would think that me and my companion were Usain bolt, running all over the place. We had a lot of work, meetings and things to do! Like I said our ward is HUGE! Its like the size of the treasure valley. There are some days when we drive an hour on the bus to get to different parts of our area. It’s super far away. But its pretty fun. We just jump from one hill the the next. We have been teaching a lot with the members which has been great as we have gotten lost a few times the past couple days, haha. But we’re having a lot of success!

We have more investigators than i can count. One lady we’re teaching, her name is Mari******, she is progressing really well, and anther lady named Chay***, she is doing so great! She has a couple other kids that aren’t members that we’re teaching because they went to the equivalent of EFY, but here in Mexico, and they really liked it and have been coming to church! We also have three other families that have been coming to church that we are teaching. Many are not married, so, well you know how that goes. Its always a struggle to get them married.

But I’m doing fantastic, its pretty humbling living out here. There’s not a lot. We are pretty far away from the city but its pretty cool living out here. We can see the stars at night, something that I have never been able to see in Tijuana. Hahah but its only dark for like our last our of preaching.

So happy to hear from all of you! LOVE YOU!


Week #82 – Ojo de agua – August 1st, 2016


Hello Family!

This week we were moved to another area. Elder Diaz and I are now in Ojo de agua!! We’re in the same Zone, same stake and still rockin it! This area has been doing really well. They have a big ward and have been having tons of success. So we met with the President Monday night and he told us he needed us to move, and so we literally went home, packed and moved everything Tuesday morning. I was pretty sad as I really loved the ward and all of the people we were teaching. The next day we had interchanges  so I was able to say good bye to all of my friends and families. I served in the Olivos ward for six months so I had so much love for everyone that we had taught and for the awesome ward members. But where the lord calls us we go and we’re excited to be in Ojo de agua.

Ce*** wrote me a poem and gave it to me before I left. It was really incredible. I can’t really put it into words. I also had a chance to say goodbye to Mar***, Ma*** Ant*****, Ra****.., hard to say goodbye but I know we will be so blessed.

On Wednesday we worked to get things cleaned and organized. We live in a very humble place. One of most sketchy I’ve ever been.

I have to go and get ready for our Zone conference tomorrow. This week we found 14 new people to teach and three of the people we found this week came to church! This Thursday is the baptism of Ad*****, the mom of our baptism Ma*** An*****!!! Such a blessing!

We’re super stoked. I love to hear from everyone. I hope you have an awesome week. I love you so much and miss you so much.

Love, Elder Woods





Week #81 – Dolor de estomago- July 25th, 2016



Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that this week I had to go to the hospital because I’ve been so sick and got super dehydrated. I’ve been in the house all day today and that has killed even more because we don’t have a fan, so it was like all day in the sun. Last night I went to the hospital at like 4 in the morning. I actually feel sick right now so I just came to let you guys know I’m OK! I’m going to write the president then go back and rest. Outside of being sick, I had an awesome week!

Thanks for all your love and support! I got some medicine so I’m feeling a little better, I’m just exhausted. We walked a ton this week so I just want to go and rest.

Thanks for all your help! I love you guys so much!



Week #80 – Short Letter – July 18th, 2016


This week we have so many things to do. I’m not going to be able to write a lot today as we don’t have any time. I promise I will write a better letter next week!

Everything is going well here in our sector and we have been having so much success. I have seen a lot of blessings in the mission work!

Thanks for all your love and support!