Week #82 – Ojo de agua – August 1st, 2016


Hello Family!

This week we were moved to another area. Elder Diaz and I are now in Ojo de agua!! We’re in the same Zone, same stake and still rockin it! This area has been doing really well. They have a big ward and have been having tons of success. So we met with the President Monday night and he told us he needed us to move, and so we literally went home, packed and moved everything Tuesday morning. I was pretty sad as I really loved the ward and all of the people we were teaching. The next day we had interchanges  so I was able to say good bye to all of my friends and families. I served in the Olivos ward for six months so I had so much love for everyone that we had taught and for the awesome ward members. But where the lord calls us we go and we’re excited to be in Ojo de agua.

Ce*** wrote me a poem and gave it to me before I left. It was really incredible. I can’t really put it into words. I also had a chance to say goodbye to Mar***, Ma*** Ant*****, Ra****.., hard to say goodbye but I know we will be so blessed.

On Wednesday we worked to get things cleaned and organized. We live in a very humble place. One of most sketchy I’ve ever been.

I have to go and get ready for our Zone conference tomorrow. This week we found 14 new people to teach and three of the people we found this week came to church! This Thursday is the baptism of Ad*****, the mom of our baptism Ma*** An*****!!! Such a blessing!

We’re super stoked. I love to hear from everyone. I hope you have an awesome week. I love you so much and miss you so much.

Love, Elder Woods






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