Week #83 – Bus Ride Preaching- August 8th, 2016

IMG_0229 (1)


I’m SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! THIS WEEK WAS FANTASTIC! Such a good week. Me and my companion worked so hard, hahah it makes me tired just thinking about it. We literally RAN from appointment to appointment. Our sector is huge! We spend a good chunk of time every day on buses preaching and spreading the gospel. You would think that me and my companion were Usain bolt, running all over the place. We had a lot of work, meetings and things to do! Like I said our ward is HUGE! Its like the size of the treasure valley. There are some days when we drive an hour on the bus to get to different parts of our area. It’s super far away. But its pretty fun. We just jump from one hill the the next. We have been teaching a lot with the members which has been great as we have gotten lost a few times the past couple days, haha. But we’re having a lot of success!

We have more investigators than i can count. One lady we’re teaching, her name is Mari******, she is progressing really well, and anther lady named Chay***, she is doing so great! She has a couple other kids that aren’t members that we’re teaching because they went to the equivalent of EFY, but here in Mexico, and they really liked it and have been coming to church! We also have three other families that have been coming to church that we are teaching. Many are not married, so, well you know how that goes. Its always a struggle to get them married.

But I’m doing fantastic, its pretty humbling living out here. There’s not a lot. We are pretty far away from the city but its pretty cool living out here. We can see the stars at night, something that I have never been able to see in Tijuana. Hahah but its only dark for like our last our of preaching.

So happy to hear from all of you! LOVE YOU!



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