Week #88 – Independence Day!- September 19th, 2016



What an awesome week!! SO CRAZY! So many things happened!! I took a lot of pictures so I will try to fit everything in that I can.

This week we baptised YA**! Such an awesome family! They came from Chiuaua Mexico 20 years ago. They were sealed, relief society presidents and returned missionaries, and when they came to Mexicali they got inactive because they couldn’t find a ward. Then when they were going to look, the Dad of the family died, and all of them just got super sad. They didn’t go for a few more months, and after so much time they just stopped going completely.  We found them about a month ago and started bringing the whole family to church. This week we had the opportunity to baptize their son, little Ya** who is 9 years old. And now, about half of the family is back!!We still have some more work with the other half, but most of them have come back or will very soon!! They are a great family, I love them.

It was funny, Thursday we went over and Ya**’s grandma told us after his baptism that he was crying! And she asked him, “why are you crying?” and he said, because now that I’m baptized the Elders aren’t going to come over!! I guess he couldn’t get over it, and when he saw us Thursday he came out of the house running and gave us a big hug. Hahah it was great. We gave him a tie Sunday and are going to visit them every Wednesday to keep the teaching going.

Wednesday Elder Pino, the second counselor in the Area Presidency came to our mission! Mexicali was his first stop!!! Me and Elder Arnell had to set everything up for when he came. Everything went all smooth and he taught us some great stuff! Wednesday night there was also a meeting for the ward counsels and just the zone leaders went so that was fun.


Thursday was the Independence day of Mexico, so that night there was a HUGE stake party, we went and we brought one of our great investigator’s Franc****. he is really great, he has come to church 4 times and we’re going to baptize him soon.


Friday we had to go to TJ for a meeting Saturday. Friday night we went out for tacos and man, the tacos here are soooooooo good. I pounded like 5, might not sound like a lot, but they are huge! A bishop from one of the wards that took us also new the owner so they packed on the carne!!

Saturday we had a meeting with Elder Pino again but it was just the zone leaders and sister training leaders. It was great! Elder Pino gave the example of 1 Nephi 17 when the lord tells Nephi to build a boat. He said that Nephi didn’t doubt what the lord had commanded him to do, he just did it! He said, President Garcia has commanded you to build a boat! And now its our time to act in faith and build it!!

Sunday we had sacrament but no one showed up. It was only the third Sunday in my whole mission that no one has come to church. It was devastating. We were traveling all over the place last week but, we still had a lot of lessons but none of our investigators came to church. It was a great week but we also have to keep working hard.


The work is so sweet and gratifying to bring someone unto Christ. Filling up the baptism font felt fantastic. We have been working hard, and are hoping for more miracles to come. If there is one thing I learned this week it is that miracles follow faith. They happen, God hasn’t changed, just the faith of the people here on earth has changed. With prayer and fasting, anything is possible! Anything! I know it!

Thanks for all the love and support!

Love Elder Woods


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