Week #92 – A fun day! – October 17th, 2016


Hey guys!!! Sorry I have been horrible with my emails lately. I had to write the President double this week as last week we didn’t have any money to buy time to use the internet!

You guys are the greatest parents. I’m so grateful for the life you guys have given me. WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! You guys don’t even know, so so so so blessed. Thank you for all your help!

Me and Elder Villarreal are working hard, loving the people, and having an awesome time with the ward. Today some members invited us to go play games and it was just so fun. I love the Mexican people. We went to have family home evening with them and we had a lesson outside this humble house, under this huge tree, we were sitting on plastic buckets, and we taught about eternal families, sang hymns, and then the Bishops wife made us these awesome flaming hot chips with chunks of corn, a cheese that they have here, and mayonnaise, and a ton of hot peppers!! It was just a fun day.

Our baptisms didnt go through on Saturday. They said they need more time. Its been a crazy few week but I’m enjoying ever second of it. Thank you guys so much for your love an support and I wish you all the best!!



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