Week #93 – Temple Blessings – October 31st, 2016


Hello everyone!! This week was FANTASTIC!!! My companion and I have been working hard!! We have been focusing a ton on the zone and everyone is doing great! Everything is going really well here. It’s still really hot, but in the mornings and at night, it’s getting a little colder. It’s weird to be in hot weather in November. In TJ the weather has dropped a lot but supposedly here in Mexicali it gets pretty cold as well so we will have to see!

We have some great investigators here and they are all progressing. Our recent baptism Ya** and family are doing well. We visit them once a week to see how they are doing.


Ale****** (Picture above is from June 2015) got endowed two weeks ago, and this past week he was sealed to his wife, who is the first counselor’s daughter en las huertas, my first ward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY FOR THEM! IT’S SO CRAZY to know that someone I baptized has now made covenants and married in the temple!! I called him a few times last week to see how he was doing, how he felt, and to give him encouragement because he said there has been a lot of challenges lately. Such a blessing to know that he went through the temple. Sadly  I wasn’t able to go, but this week we are going to TJ for a meeting, so we will see if I can stop by and congratulate him.

I miss you guys so much!! I’m focusing on staying consecrated, working hard and studying the scriptures so I can be completely ready to start the next chapter of life.




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