Week #95 – That’s my purpose – November 14th, 2016

HELLO Everyone!!

Great times here in the mission. We’re doing fantastic! I have just dived into the work and have never felt so, so, so tired. I don’t know why, I feel like my body is just begging to rest for a day. Every morning though I wake up with new strength!

My area is super, super dangerous. The last missionaries got taken out because they got robbed pretty bad. I love it though.

There’s a lot of poverty here and the members are humble, good people. Lots of temporal problems to get people to come to church. Yesterday there was like a two hour conference for just Mexico. Elder Nelson talked, Elder Hales and others. They all spoke in Spanish which was weird! I don’t think they speak Spanish, they just read it in Spanish, their accents are not the best but it’s really touching to see them try to make the connection with other people of the world. There are so many things that I’ve learned this week, Hahaah I couldn’t describe it all.

This week we were in the middle of teaching a lesson, it was going well, there were some less actives, and we were talking about the plan of salvation. During the lesson, there was a lady asleep on the couch in the corner. We asked who she was and they said it was the grandmother of the family and that she had fainted a few minutes ago because she had diabetes and had low blood sugar. They we just waiting for her to get better. They told us two weeks ago they had to amputate one of her legs and the sickness was just getting worse. She was like out cold there on the couch so we asked if we could give her a blessing. We went over, anointed her, and I gave her the blessing. We all felt the spirit and when I finished the blessing she rose up with a smile on her face, like nothing happened. She was there for the rest of the lesson and went and cooked some beans for us after we prayed. I was of course happy, but I didn’t doubt that was going to happen. My companion though, was pretty astonished. I could tell it had a strong impact on him and will be something we both will remember for the rest of our lives. The bishop heard about it, because they were members, and invited us to visit a few other sick members in the ward. One lady who was passing a kidney stone. She had been in immense pain all week, and didn’t have health insurance and the public health where everyone goes is really bad and it’s always super backed up. They told her she had to wait until January until they could take action. My companion, with new confidence and more faith, gave her the blessing. Ending the prayer, she put her hands on her mouth and staring crying, and told us all of the pain immediately left when he said amen. She staring crying a lot……we almost had to give her a blessing to calm her down! 🙂 Amazing experiences… That’s my purpose. Bless the lives of the sons and daughters of God.




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