Week #96 – I love TJ! – November 28th, 2016



I miss you guys a ton! Sorry I’m emailing late today. My companion and I asked the President if we could play soccer for P-day… AND HE LET US!! WOOHOO!!! I was so excited! The Bishop had invited us and it was so much fun. We always love to be with the Ward members….we love them and they love us. It made me so, so, happy, I loved it. But because we did that, we have a ton of stuff to get done today. Right now I’m actually taking advantage of the computer to be on the church website and see what videos I can use this week. They are so touching and help me to increase my faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ. I’m so happy to be a missionary!! Even though time is coming down, I’m happy for what I’ve done. I’m so excited for what is to come, but my love for Tijuana is so big!! Sometimes I get really sad thinking I will have to leave. I’m ready, but it’s also going to be hard.

I love you guys! See you soon!


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