Week #30 – Working Hard! – July 27th, 2015

Carter Tower


What AN AMAZING WEEK!!!! Love being in the mission. Tyson and Brady I can’t wait for you guys to go. This week we had so much success and I know it’s a result of all the hard work we have been putting in here in this sector. I’m so grateful for the gospel and all the blessings I have received because of it. Being a missionary is like nothing else. I can’t put it into words my joy for the gospel and the joy I’m having in my mission. I’m so grateful for my family and the amazing examples they have been to me. This week I felt the strength of having so much support from my family and friends. SO BLESSED!

This is the last week before the transfer ends but we have been doing damage here in Miramar! We brought four people to church yesterday. The couple I told you guys about last week came again! They are going to get baptized pretty soon buuutttt they aren’t married. AHH! But they are awesome. Angel’s doing great and we are teaching his Mom! We found some more awesome people this week so we will see what happens. 

I think we walked the most this week than any other week in my mission. I have been sleep talking pretty bad because of how tired I am. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night teaching lessons and talking to people in the street. HA, that’s when you know your starting to become a missionary. We have been working a lot with the ward and doing some cool activities and stuff! We bumped up the goal for the ward baptisms from two every month to nine. Super big jump but we are going to do it!!

One experience we had yesterday that was pretty amazing is we got a call Saturday night that an elderly women wanted a blessing because she was told that she was going to die. So we went of course as fast as we could with the Elders Quorum Presidente and we walked in her door and literally didn’t say anything more than, “Do you belive Jesus is the Christ and through the priesthood you can be healed?” We then gave her a powerful blessing. We were all crying afterward and she said she felt better!

Last week of the transfer and who knows where I will be next! Hopefully here but wherever the Lord calls me I am ready!

Love you guys!

Elder Woods

P.S. A few quotes that I have been using!

“Talk about Christ with the same passion that you have for soccer”

 “Work like Christ is coming tomorrow”




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